•  Since really going full force into POYEL I've been feeling lighter.  Like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and the house runs a zaillion times more efficiently
  • Although the above is true I feel like my personal time is zilch to non-existent.  I have a bunch of other things I want to get done around the house before the school year ends in 6 weeks
  • That being said, I need to get my sew on.  My shops are on hiatus for the time being and I need to begin restocking!
  • As our temps rise, here in Portland, we've been going on hikes with the kids.  Finding kid friendly hikes aren't to hard to do here.
  • It's official Big Red is a big reader.  He loves it and constantly surrounds himself with books.
  • Looking forward to one of my oldest bffs visiting this fall!
  • Is it still okay to be saying "bff" at my age?  Eh, i'm gonna no matter what you think.
  • I didn't realize the toll volunteering twice a week in Donx class would take on me and the impact it has on my few solitary days.
  • Thinking about going back to school.  I'm going to research privacy, trademark and copyright law and see exactly what that entails.  I really geek out to that stuff especially as it pertains to the interwebs.  You can take the girl out from that world but the world remain in the girl.
  • Job Schmob.  Still don't got one.  Still don't really want one.
  • My lease is up in a couple of months.  I should really rent something cheaper but I really don't want to.  Have you seen my view?  How the hell am I suppose to give that up?
  • My wedding anniversary is coming up.  11 years!
  • If the planets align I should be receiving my new glasses today!  I hope they are all I am hoping for.  I love my Marc Jacobs frames but I just need to change it up.
  • Mom is here in 3 weeks!  
  • I fear the days of Crash giving me beautifully sweet smiles for pics is over.  This is what I get 99% of the time I ask her to smile for a photo:

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