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Donx spends much of his free time skating.  Usually in the evenings and on weekends. He also takes a group class on Thursday afternoon where he begs for me to take him early and begs for me to let him stay late, once class has ended.  He's the youngest in the class and he began taking lessons off and on for almost 2 years.  

He loves skateboarding, everything about it.  He loves the freedom he has on the board, he loves hanging with the older skaters he sees at the park.  He asks me to make videos of him skating so he can go back and watch them once we're home.  He's still learning.  He's not afraid to take risks, to fall or to get hurt.  Portland has a lot of skate parks and I think Donx is a lucky kid because we have a few of them located relatively close to our house.

T has been skating with him.  It's their bonding time.  It's been years for T but its good for him to spend this time with Donx and its a great way for him to get some exercise.

I've mused on about this in the past but when I was a teenager I was one of those girls that followed the skater boys around like a puppy dog.  All my guy friends were skaters and my god was I a dork following them around like I did.  Hanging at the skatepark with Donx brings back lots of fond memories, the inner teenage girl is giggling like a moron while the outer 30+ year old mom at times feels proud to have her son there.  The older guys are awesome, encouraging and are gracious; helping Donx along and building his confidence with every kick he takes.

Donx is adamant about his skating.  He seizes every opportunity to get on his board.  He susses out new shoes by how well he can skate in them.  He talks like a teenager and incorporates phrases like "sketchy," "dude," "cruise over" and more into his everyday language.  He has attitude to spare.  He is definitely mine and T's offspring in more ways then either of us wants to admit.  He is one of the three mini personality's in our house and this is just a glimpse into his life.

Wilsonville Skate Park
Gabriel Park

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