Kid Style: School Day

Today all three kiddos were headed off to school.  This happens only twice per week as Crash is home 3/week.  And to my surprise all three kids were dressed and ready to go with time to spare which means I have time to snap photos of them!

Our warm sunny weather is gone (for now) so no more sun dresses this week.  Crash settled on this ensemble today; a little tomboy a little girly.  I bought these cute, black corduroy Levis from Macy's over a year ago and they were marked all the way down to $6!!!!  Which is the reason why I bought it so far in advance, I mean how do you walk away from a deal like that?  Crash couldn't get enough of these pants, she kept rubbing her leg saying, "so soft, so soft.  Feel it!  FEEL IT!"  Recently she's been fitting into a bunch of old shirts that had belonged to Donx.  He was a skinny little thing and when I got pregnant with Crash he was still wearing a size 2T!  Luckily what seemed like craziness back then saving all his old clothes and shoes are now starting to pay off.  
So today, Crash is ready to conquer the world.  Sweet and sour at the same time!
Striped Cardigan - Genuine Kids
Vintage Looking Star Wars Tee - Junk Food (this is years old, similar here)
Black Cords - Levis
Kitty Cat Slip Ons - Vans

As I've brought up in the past, Big Red is all about comfort and ease.  If possible the least amount of buttons, zippers, snaps, laces on anything going onto his body.  If there's fleece even better.  He even likes me picking out his clothes so he doesn't have to, I have been doing this less and less over the last few months because he is nearly 8 and is able to be self sufficient in this department!  He loves loud patterns and prints, he loves the color red and when he saw this striped shirt he HAD to have it.  He calls it his pirate shirt and for good reason, uhm, its awesome and I want it!  Today he pulled together a cute look for himself!
Striped Shirt - H&M
Knit Lined Track Pants - Crazy 8's (He has 3 pairs and says they are comfy!)
Slip On Sneakers - Converse

The most style conscious of the crew!  This boy gets complemented on his style all the time.  Other parent's come up to me and comment on his style.  It's definitely a style.  He knows what he likes and sticks to it.  He analyzes shoes, pants and shirts before I purchase them. He makes sure he likes them.  He doesn't like "kid shirts" will wear them if they were a gift but doesn't ever ask for character shirts or jackets.  He likes (faded or not) black  or blue skinny jeans only, camo pants, skate tees and loves long sleeved shirts.  He always wears a beanie but has now accepted an all black Vans hat for hotter days.  He's got his own thing going on and I love it.
Gray Beanie - hand me down from Dad
Black & Gray Striped Shirt - H&M (years old!)
Camo Pants - Children's Place (similar here)
All Black Hi-Tops - Converse

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