Goodbye Mr.Captivate

My mobile phone is on the fritz.   It's been on the fritz for a few months now.  Actually ever since March.  I have a Samsung Galaxy S, Captivate (for AT&T).  

I bought it when it first came out and its a pretty amazing.  The screen size is large, the video resolution quality is off the charts, it had bells and whistles and I wanted the bells and whistles.  I think the only thing it didn't have and I wish it did was a front facing camera but no biggie.  Anyway March of this year (2 contract years after buying the phone coincidentally!) I was prompted with an OS upgrade, I didn't get the previous upgrade but T did and his phone became prettier and faster.  So I upgraded.  WTF???!!!!!  After the upgrade menus and screens were nicer, some apps ran soooooo much faster and better (I'm looking your FB app!) but within a week or two things started going mental.  My phone suddenly started freezing ALL THE TIME. I couldn't even power my phone down and would need to resort to pulling the battery out.  My phone was randomly dropping calls, sometimes in the midst of dialing a number and sometimes in the middle of calls.  Then it would freeze!  It was never ending and the quality of my phone was degrading fast.  In all fairness I don't think it was the phone per se but rather this OS which I think was ice cream sandwich (maybe froyo, which ever came second anyway) was not necessarily meant for this generation phone.  I reached my breaking point and just wanted to throw my phone into the Willamette River!  Ugh!

I patiently waited for my upgrade eligibility.  It came and went in mid-April.  T was having the same issues after the same upgrade and he was over it and was debating on what to buy as well but that's him not me.  I finally bought a new phone, sure I could have given Samsung another try, considering I converted my whole family to the same phone for their respective carriers! But I'm a apple person, everything I have is apple so yes, I bought an iphone.  There will be seamlessness now, no more configuring my phone into wonky developer settings just to drag my photos and video off the phone and onto my MacBook.  I can just use the icloud.  Sure I could have used drop box but I reached a point that I just didn't trust my phone any longer.  So yes, an iphone, in white in case you're wondering, you know, to match my MacBook and iPad2.  If curiosity is getting the best of you T didn't get an iphone.  He stayed loyal to our fantastic phones and just purchased a newer model.  He originally wanted the HTC One X but after doing some research he decided on the Samsung Galaxy s2 Skyrocket since it was a great phone and served his need and he would save himself about $150 by not buying the One X.  

So here I am, with my wonky phone until Monday (at the latest).  I get so frustrated with that thing and my battery doesn't even stay charged overnight anymore.  It's dying a slow death I suppose.  I'm not saying this was a bad phone because it wasn't It was an awesome phone, it was pretty, and amazing and I talked it up big time.  I got my whole family to get their various versions (Epic & Fascinate), I have two friends here that after seeing our phones picked up some for themselves as their upgrade dates came up.  I'm sure T will love his newer version.  The Android interface is fantastic!  Personally I became annoyed and disgruntled by what the OS upgrade did to my phone and just needed new scenery.  Maybe in 2 years I'll get another Samsung  but for now, my circle of shiny white personal technology items has grown by one and i'm excited!

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