Fun Times

We've had the best few days lately.  The warm weather and sunshine has made its way to the PNW and everyone, and I mean everyone has been taking advantage of it.  It's funny, we are all so bundled up and covered most of the year that when the sun and warmth hits the clothes literally comes off and everyone is glowing in all their pasty white glory.  I live near a high school, and the other day I was driving home and a bunch of high school kids were roaming around town (off campus lunch) and then I noticed a group of kids and the girls were topless!  Not naked topless but bikini tops.  Since the sun was out and it was probably about 85 the girls had their shorty shorts on and bikini tops prancing around town.  I couldn't stop laughing!!!!!!

Anyway, we've been taking full advantage of the sun.  Playing outdoors, lounging around on the deck, hiking, basically if its outdoors we are probably doing it.

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