Field Trip: Multnomah Falls & Astoria

It's been a busy week.  My mom and my aunt have been in town visiting.  The time has been wonderful and i've eaten horrifically since nearly every meal has been eaten out.  We've been tourist, and shoppers and diners to the extreme.  My mom arrived on Wednesday morning while my aunt joined us on Friday (after a week of work stuff here in PDX.)

On Friday we drove out to Multnomah Falls followed by Hood River.  It was the perfect day for it.  The sun was out, the air was warm and it wasn't to crowded on the trail to the lookout bridge at the falls.  My mom has visited before but for my aunt, this was the first time.  Upon first glance at the falls (from the parking lot), she was sort of impressed and said, "Hawaii has prettier waterfalls" to that I had to say "wait until we get right up close."  Of course once we made are way to the viewing point and hiked the trial to the bridge she was impressed and took back her words.  If you haven't been to Multnomah Falls it is quite majestic and really takes your breath away.  I had never been to the bridge and it was pretty amazing.  The trail was beautiful with views of the are for 99% of the walk up.  Once up at the bridge you feel the power of the falls and will get splashed by the spray. 

There have been so many of mom's visits in which she has asked to go to Astoria.  We have been there a couple of times.  It's about 2-2.5 hours NW of Portland.  The drive is pretty (with some roadside stops along the way) but long and if you are heading out to Astoria stay all day and make that drive worth while.  There's quite a few things to see when visiting Astoria: The Maritime Museum, the Flavel House, Oregon Fim Museum, and the Astoria Column and more. Places like Fort Stevens and the Lewis & Clark Historical Park are nearby as well. 

I love Astoria!  There are so many old buildings, the town is amazingly cute, there are great small town shops and restaurants.  The homes are old with many colorful turn of the century cottages and victorians.  I could hang out around town and take photos of the old buildings all day long (which I kinda did and will have saw if you follow me on instagram at xamberlinax).  We visited the Flavel House Museum which was pretty awesome.  The attention to detail was amazing and if you keep the time period in perspective it's amazing all that they have included into the home.  If many ways it reminded me of Pittock Mansion. This was the first time I took all three kids to a historical home/museum and was a bit terrified the Crash would unleash and run past the velvet ropes and into rooms and basically run amuck.  But she did not she was weel behaved and followed directions.  The boys understand the "velvet rope" rule but that didn't stop them from getting bored.  The sped ahead to look at all the rooms, dragged us into rooms when they saw weird or unusual  things but overall the were good as well.  The Flavel House is an amazing victorian site and the tour is worth it if you drove all the way out!  We didn't make it to the Film Museum but that's okay the architecture around town more than made up for it.  

We did a lot during this visit, especially over the 3-day weekend.  It was a good visit and I do wish we had more time to do other things but for the amount of time we had we did good.  T and I even had one entire day to ourselves while the kids hung out with their grandmother and aunt.  We are due for another house guest in a week so that means I have a week to recuperate! 

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