*Warning: Grossness Ahead

First one to bring the illness home was Crash.  She was fine all day Friday but sometime in the middle of the night the poor girl woke up barfing.  We'd clean her up, change the sheets and within an hour she was barfing again.  This went on all night long.  We ran out of sheets and my little girl was sleeping on blankets and in some cases towels.  It was gross.  By Saturday morning she dragged herself out of bed, found me in the kitchen, said "my tummy hurts" and hurled bright, bile all over the floor.  It was heart breaking.  After that upset she was fine.  Back to normal even.  We had a good day, we went for a hike and she was fine.  But Saturday night she barfed one more time and then it was all over.

Sunday was a good day.  Everyone healthy, happy.  The weather was gorgeous.  But by 7pm what ever Crash had I now had and within a couple of hours so did all the guys in my house.  Four of us barfing.  It was disgusting. No, it was worse than disgusting, whatever that may be.

It was a rough night.  It was hot, really hot for what we were normally accustomed to.  I was sick.  I didn't eat, I was severely dehydrated, when I attempted to drink water it would just come right back up within a half hour.  I could barely sleep.  T was in much better shape than me so he took care of the boys.  

Oh man, the boys.  Donx was hit first.  He came up and got T and told him he was sick and throwing up and didn't make it to the bathroom and threw up all over his bedroom floor (ahem, his carpeted bedroom floor!) T set him up in the living room with a big bowl at his side and cleaned up his bedroom.  Within a couple of hours Big Red headed upstairs and told me he was sick and threw up 3 times.  I told him I was sick too and he needed to get his dad because honestly I thought I was dying.  Big Red said he made it to the bathroom...whew!  Anyway, T got Big Red set up upstairs new Donx and with his own giant barf bowl.  One of the boys barfed while up here.  T decided to take all the gross blankets and sheets and do a load of laundry in the middle of the night.  It was at this point that he went downstairs to make sure he had all the dirty sheets and blankets and he saw the bathroom.  Well, Big Red made it to the bathroom, but that's about it.  He barfed all over the bathroom..... everywhere BUT the toilet.  Poor T, he scrubbed that bathroom from top to bottom before coming up to bed.  

This is how the entire night went.  I was useless.  Running out of bed every 20 minutes to throw up.  It was gross, I mean there were times I was throwing up in my mouth and holding it in so I didn't barf all over my room or the bathroom floor.  TMI I know and i'm sorry but that is how the night went.

Monday, Crash normally stays home with me but I called the school and made arrangements to take her in.  She was the only well one and she couldn't be with us.  The rest of us were miserable at home.  In all honesty, I spent a total of about 4 hours awake on Monday and slept most of the day.  The same with Donx.  Big Red slept most of the morning and afternoon but by the evening he was fine and the same with T.  Around 4pm Crash's school called and said she threw up!  WHAT THE FUCK!  This is what we were trying to avoid.  T picked her up and for the remainder of the eve and the next day she was totally fine!  FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!  Yet she had to stay home the next day due to the pucking/fever/diarrhea rule!  

Tuesday: T went to work. All the kids were kept home.  Honestly Big Red was well enough for school, Donx not so much, Crash yes but the barf rule was in effect for her.  It was real low key on Tuesday.  I napped some, nursed myself slowly back to health.  My stomach was very unsettled and I was afraid to eat.  I had lost 6lbs in 24 hours!  I ate dry toast, drank lots of water and for dinner I went for it and had T bring me home a very plain sandwich from Subway.  And I held it down!  It was rough.  Really, really rought but by that night everyone seemed to be back to normal, or mostly normal.  I felt real bad for Crash who wasn't sick at all and she must have been bored I was not a great mommy that day but did the best I could to keep her busy, luckily she took a long enough nap to kind of waste the day away.

And here we are at Wednesday.  The boys woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed.  Feeling 100% better and were excited to head back to school as they had a big event planned and were happy they weren't going to miss it.  Crash and I had a great play date, which I was so glad we didn't have to cancel due to illness.  All is now right in our world and hopefully we don't get hit with this gross stomach virus for another year!

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