*UPDATE* POYEL: Creating a Meal Plan

Creating this dinner meal plan took longer than I expected.  The project calls for 90-days worth of meals, which I guess is flexible per family.  I have 8-weeks, and maybe a few more recipes to round it out to 10-weeks worth of meals that we'll be able to use and rollover every 2.5 months.  I mentioned that MPMK offered its users a 6-week plan, all filled out with menu's and grocery lists, well, I started with that as my base and made some changes.  I took out items we 1)weren't all that familiar with 2)I knew based on the ingredients my kids wouldn't eat and/or 3)to make room for some of our faves.  I think it looks okay.
Ignore my blue highlighting

Allow me to digress for a minute. I've been using Cozi for about a year now and I really, really love it!  I orginally used this app for the shared calendar feature.  My kids were, and still are, involved in so many activities that I needed a great way to keep track of everything and something my husband could view as well.  With a single family login in and cross platform functionality T and I are able to keep track of all of our appointments very easily.  We have it installed on our Android phones, the iPad and I use the desktop/web platform when I'm working at my desk.  Not only do I love Cozi's calendar feature but I also love, and almost neurotically use the shopping list feature.  I'm able to create multiple lists based on type of shopping or specific stores.  I have 4, in case you are wondering:  Target, General Market, Costco and Organizational Projects.  Because Cozi is shared I'm able to text T and let him know i'm going to the, for example, Target and he is able to update Cozi while at work so by the time I get to Target I'll see some extra items on my list that I didn't even know he needed.  It's quite handy!  

To get back on track, about 5 months or so ago Cozi added a "Meals" feature  and I really didn't make time to check it out until I started the meal planning project.  Oh My God its fabulous!  There is a "recipe" section that allows you to add all your recipes into Cozi, include links and tags and it stores it all for you.  Once you have your recipe's added you can go to the "dinner plan" section and plan out a week (or more) worth of meals by simply dragging your recipes into the desired day and viola a weeks worth of meals at your fingertips!  BUT not only can you plan your dinners, under each inputted recipe is a link that states "add ingredients to your shopping list" No way, you say?  Oh, but yes way!    You are then able to click the link, all the ingredients are now added to your list so you are able to get your shopping down ahead of time for an entire week's worth of dinners and there is no stressting about forgetting items any longer.  So awesome right?

Any way back to Cozi, ther are some other features like a Journal and a To do list.  I've used the To Do list feature a few times and really need to just dive in and use it full time.  I'm one of those gals that likes to write things down and every December I get really excited to buy my big 'ol monthly/weekly planner so I can start penciling things in.  Maybe my goal by summer is to become fully automated and do away with the whole writing things down.  Any way, I use the To Do list occasionally, usually when I'm on the go and the Journal feature, never.  If there's a use maybe writing love notes back and forth to T?  You know burn that romance flame even brighter!  Speaking of love notes, there is a messaging feature in Cozi so you can leave notes for other users.  It's a great app, and I only use the Free version and I get all these handy dandy tools.  I would recommend you check it out if, like me, you have little ones who are involved with lots of activities, or you're a list maker, organizer, love note writer or all of the above.  Cozi has helped me keep my home together and I'm sure even if you use one feature it will help you too!

So as I was saying, my meals are orgazined in a calendar and all my recipes are in Cozi.  I  may do some switcheroo of days that certain meals are eaten so we aren't eating, say chicken, four times a week but I am happy with the outcome and I'm hoping this will ease up some of my day.

By the way, I've been using my Daily and Weekly Cleaning schedule this week and I LOVE IT.  I feel like the cleaning is not so rushed and it's actually a lot more manageable. One of my main goals was to find something that would not be intimidating and it so works!  I went ahead with this list which breaks up the schedule into daily, weekly, monthly, every 3 months and every 6 months and it totally works for me!  Once I get a week of working with this list under my belt I'm going to introduce the Job Jar to my kids.  


  1. I downloaded the app and absolutely love it already! I'm a big Calendar, To Do List, & Shopping List person, so this is awesome having it all in one! I wasn't able to find the Recipes section though. Is this on the paid app? Also, any idea what the difference is between the "Cellular" (blue icon) and the regular (orange icon)? I wasn't able to figure out any difference besides the color scheme. Just wondering if I might be missing something here.

    Thanks so much for sharing! I think I may look into all of this that you've been posting about. I know we could definitely use more organization in our household!

  2. Cozi is awesome huh! I use the Orange one which is just straight up Cozi. The blue one looks like some partnership with US Cellular.

    We started with Cozi when the boys summer schedule got out of control and this was easy for both me and T to use and know what was going on. The Recipes/Meals section seems to be available when you login on the Web. It's not on my phone or the ipad version but you can log into your Cozi account online at: https://cozicentral.cozi.com/ and you can access all your info and use the Recipe/Meals section. It's pretty awesome check it out.

    I'm glad you took the time to check out Cozi and I hope its as useful for you as it is for us!

    1. Thanks! I will check the website via regular computer! I'm excited! I can't believe that all this time I've been using 3 different apps for all my lists, calendars, etc! Thanks again!