Promises of a Dollhouse

One weekend at the end of February  T and I became totally fed up with diapers and decided to try potty training Crash.  She just turned 2 in early December so yes, it is a bit early for potty training but she's aware of her bodily functions, has been telling us when she had gone pee or poop so she knew what was happening.  We had left a little training potty in the bathroom for her to sit on whenever she wanted to so nothing about potty training was totally foreign.

So one weekend and a pack of m&m's, 2 days.  That was it.  2 days and she was peeing in the potty. After that first weekend she no longer wears diapers, at home.  As we did with the boys, and as I imagine most parents do, we focused on the peeing on the potty first and foremost.  We would tackle the poop action once the peeing was down.  So she roamed around the house or on quick errands-close by our house-lasting online minutes away in underwear.  When she had to poop she would ask for a diaper.  When we went out to dinner or to friends homes we put her in a diaper just to be safe.  Within a week, even in a diaper she asked for the potty when ever she had to pee.  We switched to pull ups for when we were out of the house - so much easier than diapers when going to and from the bathroom.  
After a few weeks we told Crash that if she pooped in the potty she got 4 m&m's instead of 1 (peeing =1 m&m) and it worked a few times.  Then we really got fed up with poop diapers and unloaded the big guns saying we would get her a dollhouse if she started routinely (we didn't say that word to her) pooping in the potty.  She understood but didn't do it.  So I bought a dollhouse and kept it in her closet unbeknownst to her.  Still pooping was hit or miss.  Finally I showed her the dollhouse and that was all it took.  BAM she started pooping on the potty!!!  When at home she does it all the time.  When out in the wild she'll ask to go but still has yet to do it.  Anyway, she is still in pull ups when we are out for most of the day.  We aren't 100% convinced that she'll remember to tell us she has to go potty if she is engrossed in some sort of activity away from home.  But so far she always asks to go.  So baby steps, so far we've gone out to lunch with underwear on and we've been good. So more and more we'll be taking her out in underwear and once we're good with the daytime we'll be focusing on night time.  OMG there is a light at the end of the diaper buying tunnel and its getting closer and closer!

Anyway the dollhouse business.  Knowing we were going to be forking over some cash for a dollhouse I went crazy with online window shopping.  There are a lot of ugly looking dollhouses and some really cool looking ones.  I wanted a cool looking one but not really one that was going to be so pricey I would nearly vomit if I watched her manhandle it, you know something like this.  At first I wanted the Plan City Contemporary doll house, I love the Plan Toys and this doll house is quite cool!
However I also have a deep down love with the old tin doll houses.  Problem is you can't just walk into a toy store to buy one, nor do I have the kind of luck to be obsessing over every antique and thrift store with the hopes to find one.  I knew I would be getting a vintage one, but so many of the ones on etsy are so beat up or mildly dented not to mention (with shipping) pricey.  Then one day out of the blue I was looking up doll houses on craigslist (one of my fave places to find toys for the kids!) and lo and behold a vintage, tin dollhouse with furniture!  The woman got back to me quickly, turns out she bought it new and had it stored in her attic all these years, never having the daughter she had hoped she would have to play with the house!  Sad right. But good for me.  She sold me the house and furniture and she was moving and having an estate sale a week later so she let me poke around at some other things she had (she had saved ALL of her sons toys and clothes, who is now a full grown man!)  Anyway I scored on the dollhouse, Crash loves it and I bought some Calico Critters for her "people."  The house is awesome and it is something I had always wanted and to be able to get it for Crash has been fantastic!!!!

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