POYEL: Project 2 Decluttering The Small Stuff #2

Have you checked out MPMK's Organize your ENTIRE life?  You should because it's very, very awesome.  I jumped on board about a month ago.  It took me a while to get my feet off the ground but once I did it's been amazing.  The cleaning schedule has done wonders for my daily life.  The routine is super manageable for me and I never feel overwhelmed with what needs to be done around the house and the best part, the house is always lookin' good. Next was creating a meal plan and MPMK suggested even as far out as 45 days, I have 10 weeks planned out and now have enough recipes for maybe 1-2 more weeks.  This has been my favorite component so far.  It's made it easy to shop, to make dinner and I don't have any of those "OMG I need to make dinner, but what?" moments.  I feel crazy when I tell people about it - part OCD part preacher!  AMEN!  I quickly moved on to Project 1 which was decluttering kitchen and this meant tackling my biggest disaster zone, the pantry!  How therapeutic!  It's now easy on the eyes and I can actually find things!  Project 2 decluttering the small stuff has been in a work in progress.  I've wrapped up all but one zone on my list for decluttering the small stuff (the first post can be found here).  I was hoping to have my final "small stuff" zones completed for this post but the containers I bought for my spice cabinet were slightly to large so I need to exchange them for smaller ones.  But i'm not going to let that hold me up.  

First on the list is the tupperware/plastic container drawer.  My kitchen is equipped with those wonderful big, deep, drawers for storing things like pots, baking pans and your plates.  I use one of those drawers for my plastic containers, mostly because we can just throw/drop the containers in and never have to look at the mess.  However, the downside to that is when we do have to go into that drawer, which is almost daily, we have to dig and sort through it looking for lids that match containers.  This really is a drag.  I have actually tried to organize the drawer in the past, but buy organize I mean just stacking the containers on one side and the lids on the other.  There were no clear dividing lines and the mess came back so quickly due to having to unstack containers just to get to the one you want.  Unstacking, beautifully stacked things, to some in this household does not mean stacking them back up when you get out what you need!  Oh well.  Wanna see the mess?

Crazy right?  I know most people have some spot in their house that houses all this nonsense.  My mother had a cabinet and it was comprable.  The spot nobody every speaks about.  But they do exist and mine is simply awful.  I feel the day I took this photo was a good day because I'm noticing many containers are actually missing which means they are being used. At some point, water bottles made it into this drawer and I didn't even notice!

Of course I went to Storables, again, at first  I was going to pick up some of those tension rod drawer dividers but decided against it and went the container route.  I bought these semi-translucent medium sized baskets, three of them perfectly line the drawer.  What I liked about these were the size and height first off, and that this is what I am using in my pantry organization.  I cleaned out the drawer, laid out all the containers and grouped by (1)lids, (2)containers and (3)lunch containers i.e. bento boxes, which is exactly how i'll divvy up the items into the new baskets.  Then I moved all the water bottles into a separate cabinet with the other water bottles, threw out lids with no mates and then cleaned out that drawer with some Clorox Green Works.  This was a quick 10-minute job with big results.  


The master bathroom's cabinets needed some serious help!  The medicine cabinet wasn't to bad but I worked on it anyway but the cabinet that holds my makeup, nail polish, lotions, extra toothpaste etc... was nearly as bad as my "before" plastics drawer!

So embarrassing!

Yeah, so it was a mess, not to mention those lovely water streaks running down the interior mirror of the medicine cabinet!  Awesome!  With the storage cabinet in the top photo I bought a few large white containers from Storables.  These are great for me because they have removable dividers in them so I can either leave the three dividers in them which creates four sections for storing slimmer items like razors or remove some to create larger sections to house things like bottles of hydrogen peroxide.  The height of these are nice as well because I don't have to look at the hodge podge of items being stored in them.  The handles make it easy to just slide one off the shelf and peek in.  I bought a smaller similar container to corral all my nail polishes and the (removable) dividers are perfectly spaced to fit 4-5 per section.  I bought something similar to this in white to keep all my make up and hair clips/elastics together.  I think the results are great!
Not bad, right?

The medicine cabinet.  Needed a little help but nothing a few small trays/containers can't fix!  I bought a few little trays to group some items together and a dish to hold all the nail trimmers and tweezers he had just laying on the glass shelf.  I wish Storables had a photo for the three part toothbrush holder I picked up.  It's great, three tumbler shaped sections so I can store toothbrushes in one, toothpaste in the other and the tongue scrapers (use them if you don't) in the last. Here's the result:

What's frustrating when doing all this organizing is finding items in places that they should have never been placed.  Simply putting them back into its rightful place makes a huge difference.  As you can see we don't store medicines in this cabinet, nor are they stored in the other bathroom.   Instead we have these narrow shelved cabinets in the kitchen that store all the medicines for our entire household and yes that cabinet is sort and labeled by shelf "adults", "boys," "baby," and "backstock".

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