POYEL: Project 2 Decluttering the Small Stuff - #1 My Closet

I'm making progress with Project 2 of POYEL.  I need to hit Storables this weekend to pick up a few organizational bins.  However I have tackled my closet, both mine and T but we're only focusing on me T doesn't want his closet photographed.  :/  His lost, I guess.

I rotate my clothes out every season to keep the mess at bay and as much as possible I try to keep shoe boxes for boots and chunkier shoes that would just take up to much space on a shoe rack.  My closet is pretty typical, good size, with two overhead shelves.  The shelves were housing my sweaters, bags and a bin of socks and tights that were really just overflowing all over the place. There are no words to describe my before picture, so here it is!

 Go ahead take it all in.  Everything just shoved up there on those shelves!  *sigh*

 And everything down here, literally just shoved in.  I mean look, there are empty shoe boxes just hanging out on clothes that are thrown on the ground!


 First off I went to Storables and bought these great shelf dividers.  They come two in a pack and I bought two packs.  I started this process by first going through my sweaters, bags and and whatever else I had stashed on those shelves.  Packing away all my heavy weight sweaters and creating a donate/consign pile of sweaters really helped weed things out.  I knew I wanted my sweaters to be on the lower shelf since I can actually reach it with a step stool so I uniformly folded everything to be the same size.  There is no rhyme or reason to how they are divided up, those little things are meaningless to me.  I stacked the pile almost to the top of the next shelf.  The first pack of dividers were perfect for me to include three stacks.  They have been keeping my sweaters nice and tidy since they went up.  At the end of the last stack I included my boxes of winter-ish boots, with the boots packed nicely away.  This serves as a nice edge to keep that final stack of sweaters in check.  You'll notice in the photo below I still had room on that bottom shelf so I decided to remove all my jeans from my dresser drawer and stacked them neatly in my closet!

On the top shelf I tried to use my bigger bags as a catch all for smaller bags.  For example one of my big black bags holds all my evening bags and clutches while my other large black bag holds all my softer totes that can be folded up.  This works well for me and the two dividers helped corral all my other bags that aren't as free standing.  Looks much more sane, right?

My shoes were rough.  I probably got rid of about 15 pairs and I still have so much!  I tend to go through my clothes and shoes every 6-9 months and I need to make sure I get rid of the ones I haven't worn during that time.  I bought this amazing shoe rack from Storables, I told you I buy all my organizational things there, it has three adjustable shelves which is great.  I was able to set the middle shelf a bit high providing room for wedges and ankle boots on the bottom shelf.  Not many shoe shelves are that accommodating.  I couldn't find the shelf on the website but it was $24.95, its made of a light weight, metal and it is extremely easy to assemble and extremely durable and very solid!  I recommend it!  Most of my shoes are still in the boxes so I didn't want to go crazy buying more shelves, you know that dinero does add up!  The shoe boxes work for me.  The style of each shoe is on there, I know what shoe is in what box and it is easily stackable and is not messy at all!
So not to big of a project.  I still have many more pieces of "Decluttering the Small Stuff" to add and hopefully my field trip to Storables this weekend will be fruitful and I'll be able to wrap up a few more pieces of Project #2.

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