Kid Time: Play Boutique-Lake Oswego, OR

A month or so ago Sharing Spree offered a deal for Play Boutique, $12 for 10 open play visits. With Crash home three times a week I am always looking for some new indoor play time action. I bought the offer, it was a great deal.
Today is the first time Crash and I are using it. Play Boutique is a mere 10 minutea from Southwest Portland. The have lots of free parking and a wonderful indoor space.
Here are the details:
Although no outside food and drinks are allowed they do have a full service cafe called Beeztro Cafe prices range from $3-$8.

Admission for Play & Stay is $7. play time ia typically 10:30-12:30 daily

The play area is large. There is a large bounce house, play structure (with three slides!), ride ons, play houses and kitchens and lots of toys.

There is a smaller play area adjascent to the cafe that is great for crawlers.

Two large, clean restrooms are available with changing tables.

Check their website because they do offer lots of activities daily as well as a full fledged preschool.

After swinging by today I am very glad I bought the offer. Crash is having a blast and we will be visiting regularly.  It definitely is a nice change of pace than constantly going to the community center's indoor play park (which we do love).

There is a low wall separating the cafe area from the main play area.  In the bottom left corner of the photo there is a lounge area with a big tree house structure.  This is separate from the main play area and perfect for young toddlers and crawlers.

PEAK preschool is housed within Play Boutique and again separated from the main play area.  These are their classrooms.

As you can see this is heaven for youngsters.  Play structure, lots of ride on and push toys and in the back you'll notice a giant bounce house.  Today there were maybe just over 20 kids playing and I never saw more than 4 kids in that bounce house at once.  So 4 young toddlers and preschoolers leaves a ton of room for crazy jumping and flailing!


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