Kid Style: Crash

Crash is back again!  This little girl loves her clothes, she especially loves when she realizes she owns clothes similar to either me, T or her brothers.  In this case jeans.  For whatever reason she doesn't wear jeans to school very much.  Lot's of leggings but not jeans.  
Anyway Crash was all dressed and ready for school wearing her most favorite shoes in the whole of her closet:  Rain Boots!  (and yes, I'm totally aware they are on the wrong feet.  That is just how she do!) She will where these with anything and everything.  But with it being spring in Portland you can count on some lingering mud puddles in the play yard.  These skinny jeans of hers tuck nicely into the boots with out even trying  These jeans have been a staple in her repertoire for about a year now, I gotta say I love the adjustable waist bands so much it just stretches the longevity of clothing so much more than imaginable.  These are a size 2 which is Crash's normal size.  I've loosened the waist band a bit but there is still room to go.  Skinny jeans on little kids are so adorable.  I personally like them a bit more than belled/flared/boot cut/wide legged pants you can normally fine.  Straight leg or skinny would be my preference for her.  But I digress.  It is still a bit chili so layering is still in the "what to wear" playbook.  Topping off her jeans is a heather gray t-shirt and adorable black and cream striped ruffled sweater.
Crash is now letting me do her hair more and more often which is great since her bangs are totally in her eyes now.  She's been patient enough to allow me to french braid her hair into two pig tails and the results are adorable!

Before anyone starts to wonder that is not a teeny clutch she is carrying.  It's a reuseable snack bag.  Side note: I've only, the last few months discovered the reuseable snack bags after becoming so fed up with teeny little plastic containers taking up a ton of room in lunch bags and also wasting so many zip lock bags.  I saw these at Storable and bought a few for all the kids.  The Snack Taxi bags are great.  They come in so many fun fabrics and they are lined in a liquid proof type fabric so fruits or even sticky snacks are safe in the bag and totally easy to clean out at the end of the day.  There's a generous velcro closing and you can be sure that what ever you pack into the snack taxi will be safe until eaten! No more zip lock sandwich bags in lunches!  Yay!

Missoni Rain Boots - Target (No longer in stores but all over ebay)
Skinny Jeans - The Gap
Striped Sweater - Target
Purple Bird Hair Clip - Shining Stars Boutique on etsy
Paisley Snack Bag - Snack Taxi

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