Kid Style: Big Red

This is Big Red.  He is my oldest (and somehow my last to make the Kid Style roll call).  He is 7.5 years old and to this day his red hair baffles me!  He is my most sensitive, inquisitive, uber curious and very brainy child.  He loves all things fleece, Godzilla, vanilla flavored sweets and video games.  He is an avid learner & reader, and since learning to read he is constantly with a book.  Unlike his brother and sister he doesn't care what he's wearing so long as it is comfortable.  He wears fleece pajama bottoms as pants and we let him wear it to school because really who cares.
As I said he has some definite ideas about his clothes.  It must be soft and comfortable.  He does not like buttons, zippers or snaps on his pants and honestly most of his pants are elastic waist bands, he does have a few things with drawstrings but again, it is mostly elastic and doesn't really need to be tied.  He owns one pair of jeans and those are his "special" and "fancy" pants (giggles). He loves fleece lined jackets and hoodies.  He loves fedoras and have been wearing them since he was about 4.  He doesn't like his shoes to have laces and prefers slip ons, but unlike the pant thing he does have a few pair of shoes with laces.  He has just discovered the track suit and would love to build his collection of one.  Again this boy runs on comfort and ease.

Doesn't he look comfy?  He always does and the at the start of the school year wore one of his favorite and comfortable pair of shorts.  If its elastic and soft knit he is all over it.  I felt lucky to have found a pair of shorts, in his size, that were both elastic waist and a soft thick knit (french terry to be exact) and the bonus was that they were this fantastic gray and blue plaid.  That's usually the problem I have, if I do find elastic waist shorts they are normally from Target and are solid cotton or these quasi cargo style which I, personally, don't like.  Finding more of these fantastic Tea shorts have been a problem and when I do find more they are not in his size.

Plaid Shorts - Tea Collection (Similar here)
Gecko Shirt - Threadless (No longer Available)
Classic White Slip Ons - Vans
 When the weather get's cool he loves a good sweat pant and WILL wear them every day.  We've had to get creative with his pants since he's so specific in his needs.  I'd like him to wear jeans but to buy them and force him to wear them is just dumb.  I buy one good pair and when we go somewhere I feel he may need to "dress up" I just ask him to wear it and he will no problems.  But if he's in school 6-hours per day I want him to feel good in what he has on his body.  Naartjie makes a lot of great shorts and pants that are comfortable and Big Red loves.  So I have options and the introduction to track pants have been a great way to transition him from regular pants to fleece lined pants that don't look to pajamaish or "at homish." (And yes, I know that is not a word.)

This morning Big Red went to school dressed like this!  He has a few of these types of jackets and oh, how he loves them!  He is allowed to wear this to school but he isn't allowed to zip it up over is his face during the school day.

So really he is dressed like this for school today.  It's an amazing morning when Big Red actually matches his clothes.  Seriously its all over the place (that's an entirely separate post) but we really don't care.  
Skeleton Jacket - Kohls (No Longer Available)
Black Pants - Volcom/Quicksilver don't remember but it's from Macy's
(Under jacket) Shawn White monster tee - Target
Suede Creepers - T.U.K.

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