Field Trip: Tryon Creek State Park

We had a beautiful weekend in Portland this past weekend and as every Portlander out there we took advantage of the sun, and the opportunity to wear SHORTS!  T has been wanting to get out to Tryon Creek since last summer and on Saturday we seized the opportunity.

Tryon Creek State Park is loacted in Southwest Portland, just of of Terwilliger Blvd.  Tryon Creek State is 645 acres and has numerous hiking trails, bike paths and horse trails. Here's a map of their various trails. I didn't know how "extreme" the hiking would be considering we'd have a 2 year old, along with us with out her baby/kid carrier so I was hoping for the best.  

There is a decent amount of parking on the grounds, and as luck would have it we found parking right up front near the visitor center.  We were all so excited we bypassed the center, which I wish he didn't and we stopped in for a map, and headed for the trails.  We picked one based on its name alone and had at it.

We ended up starting with the Maple Ridge trail and transferred onto some other Central trails   wound our way around to North Creek Trail, somehow made our way back to the Maple Ridge trail and finally found our way back to the visitor center.  The hike was perfect for all three kiddos.  Most of the terrain was pretty level, there were some grade changes in both directions but nothing the kids couldn't handle and with a little bit of coaxing to keep them walking on the inside of some of the paths it was great for them.  The greenery was so lush, the moss and ferns were gorgeous and the kids couldn't stop looking at all the beautiful nature surrounding them.  They were most impressed by the giant roots of the uprooted trees, the bare, humungous tree stumps and amazing hanging moss dropping of so many of the branches.  They got a major kick crossing many of the wooden bridges and watching the creek roll on by.  Seeing all the wonderful foliage and amazing moss and ferns I remember why I was so siked about Portland.  

Crash, my 2 year old, was a total trooper.  She handled the hike with no problem.  Yes, there were other visitors on the paths as well but there was no feeling of being rushed.  We moved aside as a family and let other pass us.  Seeing so many other kids on the hike was great and my two boys loved that there were other kids relishing in this day like they were.

I have officially added Tryon Creek State Park to my list of things to do with guests visiting with us.  Im not sure what to expect of Tryon Creek in other seasons, such as fall or winter but I'd be curious to see what the grounds look like.  

Tryon Creek also offers many other activities besides hiking, biking and equestrian trails.  They offer Summer Nature Camps as well as special weekend events on the weekends like night hiking to look for owls!  How fun is that?!?  I know this was my first there but I'm pretty damn sure it won't be my last!  If you're in the area and you haven't had a chance to check out Tryon Creek do so, take your kids they'll love it!

Enjoy some photos from our day:

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