Our Last Couple of Weekends

We have some awesome developments in our house.  Crash is nearly 100% potty trained!!!!!!!!!  Woo Hoo!  She is 27 months old and should be totally out of diapers/pull ups soon.  She is still wearing a diaper/pull up when we leave the house to attend a class or visit a museum.  We've been gauging her potty awareness so we can try venturing out with underwear on instead.  The result so far has been positive.  She refuses to go potty in her diaper/pull up and will always ask for the potty instead. Also, we are continuing to put a diaper/pull up on her when she naps and at bed time however most of the time she wakes up totally dry.  When we can move away from "most of the time" to "all of the time" we'll be done.  I can't believe how fast this happened!  For the past month and a half or so she's becoming increasingly aware of when she is going to the bathroom and was beginning to tell us when she is mid-doing her business or just finishing up her business (whatever business that may be) ; so a couple of weekends ago we just went for it.  And by the end of day 2 she was good to go!  So awesome!!! 

When Crash was a baby we were so bummed we were back to formula and diapers.  All the money just being burned, as we saw it.  So when year 1 hit we were so stoked to not be spending our hard earned money on formula even if that means i'm going to the store a lot for milk.  When she turned 2 we didn't know how soon we could successfully potty train her.  Our boys took longer (Donx was 22 months and Big Red was ALMOST 4!!!!).  But people say "girls are easier" and she totally was!  In due time I'll have one more "baby item" off my list of things to buy!  Yay!

On to other things.

We've had a couple of days of snowy mornings with one of the days causing quite the accumulation.  It's weird though, the morning could be snowy but by the afternoon the sun is out and is very much like spring.  Today we're having another one of those beautifully sunny days.  Sunny and crisp my favorite.  However, I am jonsing to wear some open toed sandals right about now.  Especially these:

I recently received two pairs of these.  One in black and the other in camal.  They are by Hush Puppies and are heavenly on my feet.  It's just cruel to own brand new spring/summer sandals in the winter because all i can do is wear them around my house.
The Portland Waterfront has a long walk way that runs along side the Willamette River.  The walk way is sandwiched between the river and a beautiful park.  The park holds many summer festivals and is home to the Portland Saturday Market.  about 3/4 of the way down the park is a Japanese stone memorial.  The kids like playing on the rock display so we normally spend a lot of time in that area.  This past weekend we noticed one of the main entry rocks had some writing on it and yes graffiti on the memorial sucks but this was just to good!
Donx, Crash, Big Red: Enjoying their ice cream from Cool Moon
Last weekend was gray but mild and as if it weren't evident any indication of mild weather means we are out of the house and doing something outside!  We took the kids out to the Portland Saturday Market (it was opening day for the season) and continued to stroll through the city ending up in Jamison Square to get some fantastically yummy ice cream at Cool Moon and to give them some time to play in the Square.  Crash loved climbing the stone wall and the ability it gave her to peer down at everyone below.
The kids burnt off a ton of energy running around Jamison Square and although they had ice cream they wanted more.  We decided it would be fun to have an early dinner somewhere in the Pearl and if we could ride the street car to get to or from the restaurant it would be even better.  We decided on Coppia, it was a quick 4 block walk there and we would be able to catch the street car back.  On the way to the restaurant we came across this tiny little replica of the Freemont Bridge.  There were little cars on there as well.  The kids thought it was genius and even better when we told them it was really a bike rack!

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