My Life Organized (POYEL) - Creating A Meal Plan

I finally created a weekly cleaning schedule to kick off Project Organize Your Entire Life.  The plan goes into action on Monday.  I'm hoping there will be no additional tweaks but i'm 99% sure there will be. I ended up using Money Saving Mom's list format because she provided an easy, non-intimidating Daily and Weekly schedule plus the bonus monthly, every 3-months and every 6-months schedule as well. I have my items inputted into the form, the form printed (and hopefully soon to be laminated so I can just use dry erase markers to fill in other items or check off completed items) and I'm pretty excited to share with T and to start using it making sure all runs smoothly.

But that's not what we're here for today.  I'm onto the next step which I thought was de-cluttering but it is actually Creating A Meal Plan and if you want some great tips MPMK's has some!.  I'm not going to make any excuses, when it comes to making dinner I don't have a ton of meals in my back pocket. I have a few things that I think I make well and I do make pretty regularly, I look things up online a lot to find new items that are family friendly, relatively quick and simple to make , and meals that will provide us with left overs for the next night.  So far I've been lucky and found things that have turned out well, my kids enjoyed it and i've been able to add into the repertoire of dinners.  
MPMK, who is spearheading POYEL, was kind enough to provide her readers with a 6-week meal plan (dinners!!!) WITH weekly shopping list!!!!  Can you believe that!  There is actually much more behind the making of the list and you should go and read the story because it is all for a good cause!  I will be making some minor tweaks to the meal plan, mainly removing items I know my kids have an aversion to but I'm sure that may be true for most families.  I also plan to tack on a couple of extra weeks to include dinners I enjoy making for my family.  Once that's been done i'll shuffle up some of the meals to include some familiar favorites through out each week so its not all completely new meals included in our week of dinners.  Sounds doable right?  Maybe once I get it all completed I'll share it as an update.

Remember if you want to jump on board POYEL grab a link and let everyone know about it.  I'm actually excited about POYEL.  I'm a bit neurotic about certain things in my life, this tames that side of me and with 3 kids I can use all the help I can get to run a smooth, organized but still fun and spontaneous household!

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