My Life Organized - Creating A Weekly Schedule

I read about Project Organize Your Entire Life and decided I had to take the plunge and do it!  I don't run a chaotic household.  I feel like my system of organization is okay, could be better but has been serving us okay.  But having spent the last year at home I'm seeing where we can make your improvements.  

My system is basic.  Bare minimum even.  When I first read about POYEL here, I was instantly intrigued and felt compelled to jump on the band wagon.  I read through Project #1and immediately opened Excel and started listing all the things I do and its frequency.

The reality of Project #1 is seemed easy enough:  compiling a list of my daily/weekly/monthly cleaning schedule then placing them within the correct category of frequency.  I thought this would take me 30-minutes top.  Yeah, I was wrong.  It took me a couple of days with the most time being taken up by finding a schedule that worked for me and one that wouldn't seem threatening to T.  I want him to help and it was very important that I find a schedule that didn't assault you with a giant "To Do....." at the top of the page nor look intimidating in just a big long laundry list of items.  Modern Parents Messy Kids provided a great list of resources for finding a schedule/checklist/calendar that would work for you.  The selection ranged from customizable pdfs, apps and printables.

I thought about going the app route but decided first on a customizable pdf first.  Shelling out a few bucks for Home Routines didn't seem like a big deal but the more I thought about it the more sense it made to try out something I could easily put together and try out the system.  if it works and I want to get more fancy about it then i'll delve into a fancy app to organize my home schedule.  I found this checklist from Money Saving Mom to be the best fit for me.

I think it's important to get the kids on board and found this list of 43 Chores Young Children Can Do really helpful.  I took apart the list isolating what would work for my boys as chores for them to earn an allowances or extra video game or a few extra minutes of staying up past bedtime and loaded each item one by one into Job Jar.  The app looks pretty great and should work well for the boys.  The fact that the app randomly picks a chore for each child should cut down on the arguing about who has a harder job.  When loading jobs into the jar you can add a point value for each job, I left each job at 5pts each to keep it fair, since the picking is random.  The app will track what jobs have been completed by which child and their accumulated points.  I'll now need to come up with some sort of reward chart where they will be able to cash in their points for various rewards (as mentioned above).  I'm hoping this works well and will be a motivation for the boys to help and pitch in with keeping the house up and running.  The 43 Chores list has some great ideas for toddlers and I can't wait to include D in some of the things I do.  I figure if I position it as a game she'll be more then happy to help.

POYEL has officially begun in my house.  My checklist is created and I'm going to use the tip from MPMK and laminate my checklist so I can add classes, play dates and what not on to my daily/weekly list as needed with a dry erase marker and then erase when it changes.  I have confidence this will work and I'm excited to dive in to more.

I'm going to give myself a week or so to get the hang of my new cleaning schedule and then.......Next Step:  Decluttering the Kitchen

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