Kid Style: Donx

This is Donx.
He is 6 (and a quarter) years old.  He is what T and I, lovingly describe as our "payback child."  Don't act like you don't know what that is because if you were horrific to your parent's at any point of your teen years and you now have kids, you likely have a "payback child."  Donx is awesome in so many ways one of which is being fiercely independent!   He's been adamant about dressing himself for the last few years and has a definite sense of style.

For school today, Donx busted out one of his signature outfits.  Skinny jeans, long sleeved shirt and a beanie.  Always.A.Beanie.!  There are a couple of facts about Donx you must know 1)He will always pick a long sleeved shirt over anything else and 2)He has a love affair with shoes and 3)He doesn't leave home without a beanie.  In fact he has a hierarchy of beanies.  This gray beanie is his frist choice, second would be a navy blue one identical to this and last is a fleece camouflage (that is unless he decides to wear all camouflage then he'll wear the camouflage beanie as first choice.  Donx must be planning on playing soccer today because he is wearing his P.E./athletic shoes.  I love his  style, and it is a very consistent and definite style, it reminds me of a 14 year old boy and not a 6 year old.  He owns his style and has taken many que's from older kids especially those whom skate.  Donx is a budding skater and has been taking lessons, off and on, from a pro since he was 4.  
Striped Shirt - H&M (about 4 seasons old now.  similar here)
Gray Skinny Jeans - The Gap 1969 Skinny 
Black/Green Shoes - Saucony Grid Flex
Beanie - Inherited from Dad but found nearly everywhere

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