*New* Kid Style: Crash

This is Crash.  
She is 2 years old (27 months if you want to get technical about it.)  She has definite ideas of how she wants to dress and more times than not she chooses her own outfits.  sometimes they are AWESOME and others they are fun and exciting and she's 2 so you can guess what that would be like!
Hands down one of Crash's favorite articles of clothing is her Peri, gray fleece, poncho.  Or as she calls it her cape.  She wears it constantly and gets lots of complements on it.  Poncho's are great inventions.  For a toddler they are super easy to put on.  Once one they are easy to maneuver around in.  Strapping a car seat or stroller harness on the toddler is extremely easy and there is no excess bulk of fabric once buckled.  I think for Crash this is almost like wearing a dress and she loves dresses.  Crash will throw this over anything and everything and she claims to be warm when she has it on, which I don't doubt because the fleese is soft and thick and there is a wonderful fleece hood as well.  I know, a hooded cape!  I honestly dread the day she outgrows her cape, she loves it so, so much!! On this day crash paired her Peri poncho with khaki jodhpurs, a striped top, and although you can't see it pink Missoni for Target rainboots.
Cape - Peri

Jodhpurs - H&M (Similar here)

Rainboots  - Missoni for Target  (or here)

Early fall in Portland is wet and muddy.  We went to the farm to pick out a pumpkin and Crash, ever the sensible girl, wanted to wear her "big boots."  She is specifically referring to her snow boots, which are hand-me-downs* from her brother who is now 6.  She is quite enamored with the "big boots" and will wear them on most gray days.  She was quite the well dressed baby for a farm day choosing to wear this very patriotic, yet chic red pea coat (which we bought for $8 at a consignment blow out!!!).  Can we talk about this pea coat for a minute.  I would love to have this for myself.  Its a soft cotton, with brass buttons, and those stripes on the wrists are fantastic!  I swear I get coat envy every single time she wears this. She was layered very well with a red sweater, and long sleeved top underneath and all this was grounded with black leggings, the perennial staple for most females.
Snow Boots - Circo (Similar here)

Red Peacoat - The Gap (Similar here)

Leggings - The Gap

*Crash is now at the age/size where all her brothers hand-me-downs are starting to fit her.  I started saving some of his clothes as soon as I found out I was pregnant.
Definitely one of my favorite outfits.  Crash went into her dresser drawers with full force on this day.  She was so excited to go to the elementary school to pick her big brothers up for school she changed outfits just to do so.  Crash is not a girly, girl but one thing is for certain she loves her tutus!  She paired a bright pink tutu, with purple & gray leggings, and a pale yellow, chinoiserie style cropped jacket and finished off with red Tiny Toms.  I think she looks adorable!  I'd liked to point out that these are Crash's second pair of Tiny Toms since learning to walk.  Personally I love Tiny Toms, they rank right up there with my love for Robeez.  They are easy to put on and take off and Crash can do it by her self.  They are super lightweight, and super flexible which I think are very important for little feet!
Tutu - Crazy 8's (Similar here)

Striped Leggings - Cherokee

Jacket - First Impressions

Red Shoes - Tiny TOMS

These shoes used to belong to my middle child, my six year old son, Donx.  When purchased they were never worn, vintage. I don't know wear I bought these but they are absolutely the coolest pair of Chuck Taylors, ever!  Black & White tiger print and black soles.  Way back the 80s they made animal print Chuck Taylors.  My husband scored a lightly used pair in glow-in-the-dark leopard print.  I've recently introduced these shoes into Crash's shoe library and she loves them and calls them her Tiger Shoes (followed by a growl).  They've been worn a lot recently especially with tights and dresses!  That's my girl!
Animal Print Chuck Taylors - Converse (Similar here)

When Crash and I hang out at home we like to keep it casual.  No cumbersome tights or excess clothing.  This dress has been upcycled from a Volcom tunic I owned.  The top started losing its shape, and it started shrinking a bit in length.  I love stripes so it pained me to throw it into the rag basket.  Instead I did some cutting and taking in on the side seams and voila, Crash has a new dress.  Knits are awesome because you really don't need to finish off the edges.  The hem, neckline and armholes are raw, cut ends and it looks fine and Crash could be none the wiser.
Striped Dress - Volcom shirt that used to belong to mom.

Crash goes to tumbling class a couple of days per week.  As usual, she dresses herself and typically does a great job dressing for the occasion.  This was a tumbling day, and it was one of the first sunny days in , what feels likes, a long, long while.  When I look at this photo of Crash I feel proud.  She looks cool and hip and fashionably wise beyond her years!  *smile*  She wore a lavender beanie, with big Jackie-O style sunglasses, Harajuku Mini rocker jacket, black leggings and slip-on Vans.  Maybe next time I'll take a queue from crash and bust out my similar looking leather jacket that I snatched up at a Parision flea market years ago.
Beanie - Target (winter clearance price of $0.70)

Jacket - Harajuku Mini for Target

Leggings - The Gap

Slip Ons w/stars and kitty - Vans 
Notice the tutu-like skirt of this dress? Total Heaven, for Crash, that's for sure.  This dress is simply adorable,from H&M, its a stretchy knit bodice, decorated with a pair of ballet shoes and a pink flower embellishment.  Normally, i'm anti-embellishment but I couldn't help myself with this dress.  When I'm shopping for her i'm a sucker for neutral colors and finding a dress like this a nice, warm gray....well I had to buy it.  On this day, Crash insisted on the dress and the legwarmers but Dad did a good job putting a pair of tights on, under the legwarmers.  She twirled around a lot this day!
Tulle bottom dress - H&M (similar spring style here, I may need to buy it!)

Striped Legwarmers - Baby Legs

Tights (Unseen but on her) - Trumpette Too

Slip On Shoes - Vans

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