Family Style: St. Patricks Day Edition

Saint Patrick's day has never really been anything I "celebrated."  Maybe in college I did hit the town with my green on but that's it and that's still a maybe.  However my kids like the idea of having to wear a special color for the day and having special holiday-type food for the occasion, so yesterday we got into the spirit and dressed in green.  After breakfast and a deliberation of what the plan was we all ran off to our respective rooms and got dressed.
Crash:  First off you see this color block top she has on?  Well, it was a dress, originally.  She's 2 and its a 12-18mo.  Why this was still in her closet is beyond me but hey her head fits, it wasn't tight in the arms and or chest so it looks to me like she scored a new top!  Crash is fascinated by these jeans, she stares at those bleach stains almsot in the same way she stares, and giggles at bubbles.  I told her that her daddy had jeans exactly like that when he was a kid and even more so she loved the jeans and of course ran off to tell her dad her jeans were, "like yours." The jeans are Levi's and they came bleached.  They are super soft and have a bit of stretch, a skinny leg and of course adjustable waistband.  If you grew up in Hawaii, like me, you are familiar with these little rubber boots.  I have yet to a store outside of Hawaii that sells boots like this.  The boots are fully waterproof yet a lot thinner, less bulky, and very flexible then typical kid rain boots.  People always ask where we found these because their child/toddler looks so awkward and clumsy with heavy, tall rain boots.  Unfortunately people they are from Hawaii but if you do go to Hawaii they sell them at most DRUG STORES! (normally for only a couple of bucks)

Color block top/dress - The Gap (Similar here)
Bleached Jeans - Levi's

Rubber Boots - Long's Hawaii

Big Red, he's 7 1/2 yrs old, and he has what we call "comfy-lazy style." A few facts about my oldest boy.  He's a redhead, very loving, he loves fleece, loves sweats, would love all his pants to have elastic waist and for his shoes to be slip ons, glued to his ipod and loves Godzilla.  Nearly all of his favorite things is on his body in this photo and of course the obligatory green.  Because he loves sweats so much I try my hardest to find any and all that do not look like the typical Hanes sweats with elastic around the ankle.  I'm not opposed to them but if I buy them and put them in his drawer he will wear them to school and we have decided to not do that (anymore). So these sweats are a dark heather gray, elastic waist and have cargo pockets, which at the end of a school day is filled with bits of balled up paper with drawings and rocks.  Big Red has had these shoes for a few months now and really enjoys them.  They are slip on converse and they were purchased an entire size or two larger since he has monster feet that seem to just keep on growing.  He wouldn't remove the ipod for the photos, but this is much more realistic having him with it since those headphones are are always on his head.

Striped shirt (this is very old) - H&M
Cargo Sweats (very old as evident by the almost hole in the knee) - Macy's
Slip Ons - Converse
Boba Fett Headphones - Funko via Amazon
8GB iPod Nano in Blue which is filled with Audio Books

The Donx....This is is favorite shirt.  If he wears it on a Monday and I do laundry on a Wed and place the shirt back into his dresser 99% of the time he will wear the shirt again on Thursday!  It's a green thermal with skateboards forming the recycle symbol.  I gotta admit its a cute shirt.  He's paired these with a pair of skinny jeans, running shoes and the beanie.  Because it was green he has attached an Angry Bird keychain to his pants just for the occasion.
Green Recycle Shirt - Shaun White for Target
1969 Skinny Jeans - The Gap
Grid Flex Running Show - Saucony
Beanie Hat from Dad
Angry Bird Keychain - Amazon

This is T, we've been together since we were 17-years old, which really doesn't seem that long ago.....but it was.  He's pretty awesome and we've made some cute babies.  He got into the St. Patrick's day spirit and he isn't even Irish!  The boys loves his Fred Perry's and he actually debated between the one he has on or the one that was nearly identical but with white piping.  I voted for this one because it fit better.  These here are T's "weekend pants" I have dubbed them this much to his chagrin because he does wear them every weekend.  Pork pie hats and Adidas Samba's have been a staple in his closet for years!  Always black Samba's but the hats are either gray or black, although he may have a vintage straw one for the summer.  The Timbers Army scarf is for the Portland Timbers and this is not the official team scarf but rather the rabid, fan scarf, from the Timbers Army, that is much more present throughout the city of Portland. And he busted out his Rolex for the occasion.  Someone felt like feeling like a baller!

Pork Pie Hat - Goorin Bros. (Similar here)
No Pity Scarf - Timbers Army
Green Shirt - Fred Perry
Camo Pants - Asos
Samba's - Adidas
Black faced Submariner Rolex

Yeah, that's me.  My hair bother's me, all pulled back like that.  It was a wavy mess and I didn't want to flat iron it. I don't particularly like this photo but i'll survivie.  I don't own a lot of green things at all, i searched in my drawers and closets and my options came down to olive green skinny cargo jeans or this scarf.  I opted for the scarf just so I could wear a skirt/dress.  I've had this faux leather pleated skirt for a while now and had never found an occassion to wear it.  My thought was to keep this a night time skirt but decided f*ck that, i'll wear it whenever I want to.  The fullness was a little bit of a problem for me but again, I survived and after looking at this photo it really isn't to bad.  Right now i'm going through this phase of crapped sweatshirt tops, I wore my other one the day before and got quacamole on the sleeve so I had to wear the gray one.  Lookey.....I found cognac boots that actually fit!!!!!  I've been searching for years!  Steve Madden makes a very popular pair, that came out years and years ago that fit but I didn't want to spend that kind of cash not knowing if I were really going to wear the boots that often.  Now I know I will and I have!  The scarf, i've had for years and the bracelets were birthday gifts from my boys.  I had mentioned I wanted some cute lanyard type bracelets and he remembered!!!!
Green plaid scarf - H&M 

Gray sweatshirt - H&M

Black Tights - Target
Cognac Boots - Gabrielle Rocha (cognac is sold out, sorry)
Lanyard Bracelets in black and black & white - Miss Christina Leigh

We had a good St. Paddy's day.  As we were heading out Big Red's BFF called and asked if he wanted to hang at their house so he bailed on us and we dropped him off on the way.  At first we were going to hit up OMSI to check out The Art of the Brick but it was so insanely crowded that we changed our mind.  I'll take the boys one day after school.  Instead we headed to the Skidmore area to attend all the shenanigans at Kells Pub. It was pretty awesome.  They had a 21+ tent set up and a All Ages tent.  On the way there we saw the Kells bagpipers warming up on the street so we watched for awhile which was such a treat for the kids.  Once in the all ages tent, there was live music, Irish dancers, Guinness, and lots of activities like face painting, caricatures, balloon animals and the crown jewel:  The Willamette Valley Irish Wolfhound Club My god those dogs are amazing!!!!!!  All in all the kids had fun.  We strolled around the city, hit the Portland Saturday Market, had lunch and finally picked Big Red up at 3pm.  St Paddys 2012 was a success for my family.

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