Family Style: Enjoying the Waterfront

Just a mere three days ago we woke up to nearly 3" of snow.  It was unexpected and beautiful but frustrating since we were three days into spring and really, I would love some sun on occasion.  And in typical Portland fashion the next two days were fantastically sunny and warm!  Yesterday we decided to take advantage of the warmth and head to the waterfront.   We all dressed for the day and headed out!
I love the Crash loves carrying a purse around with her.  She loves to grab it off her shelf, fill it with little things from around her room and then totes it around like she means business.  Once she was dressed today she was in complete shock when we told her she didn't need her coat.  Just her sweater today!  Can you believe that, just a sweater!!!
Cardigan - H&M
Striped Dress - Mini Mob (currently out of stock)
Black Tights - Children's Place
Red shoes - Tiny TOMS
Teeny Louis Vuitton Speedy - Thrifted

Out of nowhere, last year, Donx decided he was an Oregon Ducks fan. I'm sure much of this influence is from his friends and i'm okay with that.  People in this city love their college football teams (Ducks & Beavers) and I'm sure seeing all the fever around town and with his friends have caught up with him.  While shopping with my mom one day we found racks of Ducks paraphernalia and the boys lucked out!
Oregon Ducks Shirt - Nike
Oregon Ducks Shorts - Nike
Blue Spiderman socks - H&M
Shoes - Adidas Sambas
Beanie - From Dad

Yep, Big Red scored some Ducks schwag as well.  He was excited about it considering his brother got a pretty sweet Ducks hoodie for Christmas and it totally bummed Big Red out.  Big Red considers himself a "Platypus" which he says is someone who is a Ducks fan AND  Beavers fan!  Bwahahahaha..... It's funny to T and I how much they get into the rooting of these teams considering neither of us are football fans at all. We let them watch the Rose Bowl game in Jan/Feb but the boys totally lost interest within 10 minutes.  But you know what, if they like it, so be it.  Who am I to discourage them.  I know their friends get all frenzied because of their parents and they are kids - let them love what the love!Oregon Ducks Shirt
Oregon Ducks Shorts
Socks - Target
Chuck Taylors - Converse
Since Crash and I managed to match our outfits T had to change his shirt before we left home so he could match his sons.  Unfortunately T does not own, nor does he feel the need to, an Ducks shirts so he went for what he had.  A Timbers jersey.  And in typical T fashion he is wearing what I refer to as his "Weekend Pants."  Seriously, if its a weekend he probably has these pants on which makes me feel like these were one of the best invested in pants we ever bought him.  I actually like these camo pants.  Although cargo style they are cut real slim and the length is perfect.  T isn't a tall guy so finding pants that he doesn't need to cuff or get hemmed is problematic.  Much of the cargo pants he owned in the past were so baggy and long that after the cuffing the pockets were low on the leg and all that extra room just made him look.....stumpy (*sorry sweets).  He knows this and was willing to try a new pair out.  This pair has a drop crotch, sorta like "hammer pants" but not really, he says they are so comfortable!
Camo Pants - Asos
Sambas - Adidas
Authentic Timbers Jersey - World Soccer Shop
Hat - Goorin Bros (Similar Here)
Black Hoodie - Quicksilver

OMG I'm wearing shorts!!!!!!  I can't believe it.  It's super rare that I ever wear shorts but I recently bought these and I sorta love them a lot and I haven't even owned them for a week.  I figured the weather was worn I should probably take advantage of it.  After a long winter of covering up my legs are a repulsive pasty white. Note to self:  (on sunny days) start laying out on the deck to tan those stems up!  
Straw Hat - Fuego (Similar here)
Navy/Shite Striped Shirt - H&M
Black Shorts - H&M
Black Tights - Vera Wang: Simply Vera
Wing Tips - b.o.c.
Trophy Mom Necklace - White Trash Charms (First Mother's Day Gift Ever)

 Mom loves visiting the Portland Saturday Market when she is in town and we love just hanging out there in all the crowds.  All the colors, crowds of people, yummy foods, street performers, and vendors makes it a great place to spend a Saturday afternoon.  And when the weather is nice there is also all the action on the river.   Seriously if you're in Portland check it out, it happens every Saturday and Sunday under the Burnside bridge (on the West side).  The boys took their scooters, as usual, which meant T and I wouldn't be going through the market with mom since the boys will likely be riding along the trails and around the Japanese memorial.  And this being March, it means the cherry blossoms lining the Willamette River are in bloom.  If you haven't seen Portland in Spring (barring late March snow) it is soooo beautiful!  Nearly the entire waterfront is lined in the beautiful blossoms and makes for such a picturesque day and a great photo op.

It was so nice to be outdoors and not be freezing!  It's been much to long to be without a sunny day.  The air was crisp but the sun more than made up for it.  I'm hoping for a lot more nice days in our future.


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