Lately I feel like I'm stuck in a mid-day television drama and see no end in sight.  No, seriously.  The drama is not ending in my house.

I talked about Big Red's illness in a previous post and yes he seems to have rebounded but was finishing his round of antibiotics tonight.  He returned to school this past Monday and I have been driving there every day before lunch to give him his afternoon dose of antibiotic however yesterday I wasn't going to be able to so I dropped it off with the school office, filled out the required forms and they did the administering for me.  No big deal, people do it all the time.  Only sometime around lunch I get a call from the school.  Turns out Big Red was complaining about a rash and his teacher had noticed some very excessive scratching.  Long story short I have to pick him up early.  He shows me the rash, its the color of a cherry and its massive, splotchy and covering about 30% of each arm.  I wince and really want to blurt out how gross it looks but I don't, that would be bad mommying.  Anyway, i'm told unless its 100% gone he cannot return to school without a doctors note (so today he's going to the doctor).  The docs and T and I believe this to be hives.  My child is allergic to penicillin so its always a struggle finding antibiotics for him. When we got home yesterday I gave him some Benadryl and sprayed him down with Dermaplast which quickly eliminated the itching.  Within an hour or so he was itch free and the redness and splotchiness has subsided.  We've been ordered to stop the antibiotics but I really want to make sure the infection is gone so I need to talk to the doc about this. Fingers Crossed all this medical dramz just goes away!

Crash on the other hand is a 2-yr old hot mess.  I think she's getting her two year molars.  When any of my children start the teething process I always think they have a cold.  The runny nose.  The excessive coughing.  But then the drooling kicks in to high gear.  No cold, but teething.  This is exactly the case with Crash.  The drooling is outta control and just dripping out of her mouth like a leaky faucet.  What makes it worse is she is addicted to her binky and its just oozing out from around the edges. The binky is another drama which I will tackle later.  Anyway, she's miserable and the familiar teething diarrhea has also made an appearance. It's explosive and making her miserable.  I want to take the kids out today, since schools off but with Crash I'll likely need to pack an extra 3 sets of clothes with us.

Donx is the only one not having any bodily issues.  That boy is 6 going on 16.  He is so preoccupied with his hair and typically heads straight into my bathroom afterschool.  Testing out sculpting mud, gel and hairspray.  The boy has my hair.  Dark, thick and lots of it.  He wears a slouchy beanie every.single.day.  I'm surprised they let him wear it during class.  So by the time he gets home his hair is matted down to this head and super velvety. He loads up the hair product sometimes he spikes it all over, sometimes he makes a teeny mohawk he experiments a lot!  The other day we did something to it and he was curious about what a certain little girl would think of it and if she would like it.  It's always the same little girl, the only little girl he invites over to our house and its adorable!

On a non-kid-related note my mom is in town.  She arrived on Wednesday night.  We had breakfast at one of her most favorite breakfast spots yesterday, Arleta Library. T tagged along, which was fine but we ended up heading out for our day later then expected.  Of course we spent day 1 shopping.  It wouldn't have been a proper visit without that happening.  Mom is here for 2 weeks, dad arrives next week and when they leave my MIL will be in town.  Whew...

I caught the dreaded winter cold.  It's not to bad save for the post nasal drip - which I find utterly disgusting.  Decongestant has been my friend and I'm grateful that I bought the mega-jumbo-pack form Costco the last time I had a cold! I need to nip this in the bud!

Remember back on the 1st I posted my "To Do List:  2012"  I actually accomplished one thing on the list! I made myself a maxi dress.  It was easy, fast and I like it a lot and will most likely make myself a few more for the spring.  I'll post about it later and hopefully have some photos as well.  Yay!

  •   Sew something for myself
  • Be able to turn one of my etsy shops into something sustainable and able to contribute to my family’s nest egg
  • Take a family trip out of this country
  • Find a fish I actually don’t mind eating and incorporate it into my diet
  • Reach my goal weight
  • Go on a hike, trails are plentiful here I have no excuse
  • Make time for a once/month date night
  • Get my daughter potty trained
  • Zipline
  • Archive my photos on CD’s
  • Have a family portrait taken
  • Take a pilates or barre class
  • Canning

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