Peace (No Quiet, just Peace)

The house guest extravaganza of 2012 has come to an end, for now.  We had a guest for the end of March but rumor has it she is trying to get a refund on her ticket.  Apparently she forgot to tell me what was going on with all of this and i'm receiving this information second or third hand.  So for now, the guests are over.

Besides Donx having a manly cough, we are all in good health.  There is no school vacation's any time soon.  That being put out there, we are in the clear to now resume life as we know it.

I'm sure i've mentioned this before but every few years we get an itch to move back to Hawaii, the place T and I are both from.  My entire family still lives there as does his mom.  We go back at least once per year and every time we are there we have an "a-ha" moment and both, knowingly look at each other with the thought of "why don't we live here?"  It's always at some sort of family gathering and we're eating great food, enjoying ourselves and watching our kids play with their cousins, who are all their same age or round abouts.  It's always this moment that my eyes glaze over and I feel my tear ducts filling.  T feels life would be easier for us in general.  With family around, that is.  We're close to my family and the extra hands would be wonderful to have close by.  I think the closest we've had to this is the last few years of living in California.  Besides the family, Hawaii has taken on a new shape for me.  I took the island for granted when I was a wild, stubborn, self consumed teenager.  I didn't see the beaches for what they really were, beautiful, blue, vast and magical.  I treated it them as a place to go to at night to drink, frolic, make out with boys and peeing in the bushes.    I mean c'mon, it was the perfect backdrop.  It's different now, soo different.  These days I can go to the beach at any hour, in any weather and just sit out near the shore, digging my toes into the damp sand and just taking in all the beauty.  Being away from my hometown has made me realize there is so much more there than what I had originally believed.  So, I totally digressed, but this topic has come up in our house again.  This time T totally sulks over it saying he wants to move back.  The only thing that really holds us back, and makes our conversation stall, is work.  We need at least one good paying job.  It's expensive to live there, probably a bit more then L.A. and we want to be able to survive AND have some sort of livelihood.  Is that to much to ask for?

We'll see what comes out of all this current discussion.

Yesterday we went to an adorable little town called Silverton, OR (at some point Silverton was voted as one of America's Top 10 small towns).  We had recently read about it in our newest issue of Via (from AAA).  We didn't get to enjoy this town as much as we had hoped because it was cold and wet and we were freezing.  But we did stroll around, checked out a few antique stores and even watched the beautiful creek/river/stream, that passes through the town, on a covered bridge. From Portland, Silverton is about an hour south, just East of Salem.  It was an easy drive and when you hit the town it is quite beautiful, in a very small town way.  Lots of old timey buildings, quirky shops and restaurants, an old movie theater, and gorgeous, large homes.  Silverton is home to the Oregon Garden and the only Frank Lloyd Wright house in the state (The Gordon House).  I was speaking with one of the antique shop owners and she told me that they have First Fridays and many of the shops stay open late, lots of free live music and when the weather warms up they close the main streets and have live concerts and dancing in the streets.  Fun!  There is also a farmers market in the summer and Silver Falls is nearby, so it would be really easy to make a weekend out of it.  Unfortunately I didn't get many photos due to the crappy weather but I am definitely going back here in the late spring/early summer and snapping a ton of pictures the town is to cute not to!

In the mean time here are some photos from our Saturday afternoon.

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