For Sale - Part 3

I've totally kicked Craigslist to the curb as it relates to selling off some of my kiddos things.  I've also washed my hands of the consignment shop for a while (due to the last mishap which I'll go into a little further down the page).  Instead I'm going to sell my stuff at the big Spring consignment sale that happens annually.   I normally shop at the two big My Kids to Your Kids consignment sales that happens in the Spring &Fall, and am always lucky enough to find clothes that fit my kids for that or the next year's season.  This will be my first year I'll be selling my stuff.

Before I get into what I'll be selling in April I have to unload what happened at my recent pick up at the Baby 2 Baby consignment shop.  You see, I've been selling my stuff at this shop since before Crash was born.  you drop your things off, they hold on to it for three months and as time ticks away the price is reduced.  At the end of your three months you have the option of either donating any left over items or stopping by the store and picking your things up (this translates to you getting a list of item numbers and then you having to sift through racks and/or shelves to locate your items).  I was always satisfied with the money I made and didn't really mind picking up my items, which was more out of curiosity to see what sold and what didn't.  The staff was always on the ball and there was never any problems - although one policy I was bummed about was being told that they don't resell things from Target and I also noticed from Kohls.  Anyway on this last consignment I had dropped off a few things in October, some clothes, toys and baby gear.  The owner checked my stuff in, she took my name and that's it, this didn't seem weird as this is what they normally do.  Flash forward to mid-January.  I go in to pick up my remaning items and to purchase some clothes for the boys with any credit I may have.  I'm told that I had a couple of bucks and two items to pick up.  That I did think was bizarre.  A couple of bucks and only two items?????  How much did the charge for my stuff that this was the result of three months?  I asked them and they only had me down for 3 or 4 items and I told her that was strange because I had already seen a few of my things in the store.  I went around the store and collected my items NONE of which were even listed in my account!!!  what.the.fuck!?!  Turns out that the woman/owner that checked me in had put 80% of my stuff on somebody elses account and that some of my items had sold under her account.  I was livid.  The owner ultimately gave me all the credit on that other acct. (sorry account holder), I collected my stuff and left.  The woman had no explanation and even tried to blame the screw up on her employee!  Anyway she helped me carry my items to my car and she saw my Quinny Buzz in the trunk and asked if I could bring it in when I decide to sell it (yeah, right!).  So that nipped it in the bud, no more selling there for awhile if not ever.

That is where the big consignment sale comes in.  I make more money.  I can price my own items.  I can sell all the adorable baby clothes I amassed form target.  And best of all I don't have to wait three months to get my cash!  yay!

  • I have a ton of girls baby clothes to sell, sized 6mo-18mo.  Some target, some brand name. All of it cute.
  • A blue Kelty FC Kid Carrier  I'll probably price this around $40-50
  • a gray KidCo lightweight stroller likely priced around $10-12
  • Toys:  melissa & doug, craftsman play tools/equipment, bakugans, action figures, and kids drum kit.
  • But mostly a ton of clothes!
I don't think i'll be selling my Quinny at the event, I have totally decided.  But if I do (or if I go down the Craigs route)  I'll be selling it as a s set:
  • Quinny Buzz  Stroller  this model in a bright lime green (with original seat insert included but not installed)
  • With the XL seat insert in Storm (currently installed)
  • raincover and car seat attachment for a Maxi Cosi infant car seat
  • a black, Maxi Cosi Mico car seat with TWO bases
So let me explain this seat business.  If you click on the Quinny Buzz photo in the first bullet point that is how the stroller comes originally in its fully, padded neoprene seat, in my case the color was lime green.  Which is fantastic and perfect for infants and babies.  My daughter loved it and it was soft and cozy.  As she grew the padded seat made it uncomfortable and she complained about the harness feeling tight and didn't look comfortable, and this was after I adjusted the harness straps.  I then invested in in the XL seat in storm (black).  How this works, is that it is not a new seat, the neoprene seat cover slides off and you than slid on the XL seat cover, this basically is a thinner, durable fabric that nicely fits into the shell of the seat.  So the front of the seat, where the child is actually seated in is black but the backside of the seat remains the original color, which is lime.  This doesn't look bad or strange or anything and I was actually happy with the result of the black front and lime back and lime canopy.  It worked well for us since my daughter had begun holding her cups or eating snacks in her stroller and the new insert was much easier to wash and wipe down.

The Quinny is in FANTASTIC condition, no scratches, no stains nothing.  Original manuals included. I have received many compliments and admiring stares with this stroller.  It steers wonderfully, even with one hand.  Seat can be reclined and faced forward or toward you.   I would like to sell all of the above for $400.


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