Dye Job

Two days ago I dyed my roots, not because I dye my hair to a color so far fetched from my natural hair that the roots look mismatched and horrible.  I dyed my roots because ever since having kids I've  had little patches of gray hair sprouting up.  And since baby #3 those little patches are no longer in one or two spaces but have now called my natural part its home and I hate it.  Normally I go for it and dye all my hair but my hair color isn't fading its just the new growth that likes to grow in that wonderful shade of folder paper!

You see my hair is black.  Really, really black.  Like midnight.  It's been black since I was 13.  Back then it was unnaturally black but i've been doing it so long that many of my family members seem to assume this is my natural hair color.  There were a few years between then and now that I've changed it up.  I tried a dark purple, red, bleached in stripes of yellow, I even tried going a warm, nutty, multi-toned brown.  I dug the brown even though it did end up getting a bit lighter then I had originally wanted.

Now i'm at a hair cross roads....again.  I love the dark hair.  I love the contrast against my skin but i'm starting to get bored.  The problem is I have black hair dye on my head and I don't want to damage my hair by bleaching it.  My first thought was to use a lighter dye as my hair grows out.  Adding new color in which will take to the new growth, hopefully lighten the faded, dyed hair and then slowly trim away the dark, dried ends.  I've also thought about adding streaks of color through out my hair, between layers just to add variation.  This may be more fun but much more upkeep.  With three kids I'd like to do something that doesn't require me to be in and out of a salon just for upkeep.  That is a waste of my time, money and energy.  Ideally i'd like to do it myself, which I have in the past and can surely do it again.  Any ideas?

This is my hair now


  1. Your hair looks so gorgeous as is! You know I always have to play with my hair; having the two to three colors in my hair is less upkeep than you'd imagine. I tend do either the top or bottom layers maybe every 6 weeks, and I offset.

  2. Thanks, amber! I seriously get bored looking at myself everyday. I think, because, my hair is at this weird length, just past my shoulders and unlayered (for now) I feel like its either all down and just hanging there or in a bun at the top of my head. Another hair rut! Maybe some layers is all I need that way when i curl it it will look totally fresh and different.