Welcome to 2012

Happy New Year!

Another year has flown by and I am grateful for so many things. But as they say that is all history and we are now on the the new!

We rang in the new years at our neighbors annual East Coast New Years Eve party.  It was a lot of fun, there were lots of kids but my neighbor had secured supervision for them so the parents could relax.  There was a magnificent spread of food, drinks were flowing and we had a great time meeting all these new and wonderful people.  At 830pm my neighbors set up a fun dance party in their garage with christmas lights and thumping music, the lady of the house is a doctor by day and in her spare time she is one, ass kicking hula hooper!  Yes, I said hula hoop.  She has this insane light up hula hoop which only accentuates all her insane moves.  The woman can dance within a hula hoop shimmying that thing up and down and off her body in fluidity.  It was awesome.  At 9pm the ball dropped!  It was so awesome and the kids were in heaven:  we all had these glow sticks, we counted down and at 9pm they pulled a chord in their garage and all these ballons came pouring down from the ceiling it was great!  All this was followed up by illegal fireworks, mainly sky rockets and roman candles (our street is notorious for these fireworks, especially at 4th of July)!  By 10 we were home, the kids were totally beat, as much as they wanted to stay awake for the midnight fireworks were are all so popped we all fell asleep.  That was such a wonderful way to say good bye to 2011.
Resolutions/Bucket Lists/Goals.....call it what you like they are all pretty much the same thing.  I've never been one to share any type of "list" I assign to myself for the new year.  Not so much out of embarrassment but more so out of failure.  The likelihood of me keeping to my word, in these instances, is slim to none.  In past years many of my "resolutions" were outrageous and nothing I was really conditioned for but I've been think of somethings I 'd like to improve upon, accomplish, and just incorporate into my daily life and I think they are doable.  For the first time in my life I feel more centered and grounded.  I feel comfortable with who I am and what I can actually do and feel.  So with this I share with you my 2012 Bucket List:

  •   Sew something for myself
  • Be able to turn one of my etsy shops into something sustainable and able to contribute to my family’s nest egg
  • Take a family trip out of this country
  • Find a fish I actually don’t mind eating and incorporate it into my diet
  • Reach my goal weight
  • Go on a hike, trails are plentiful here I have no excuse
  • Make time for a once/month date night
  • Get my daughter potty trained
  • Zipline
  • Archive my photos on CD’s
  • Have a family portrait taken
  • Take a pilates or barre class

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