Welcome to 2012 - Just One More Thing

I wanted to add one more thing to my list of "things I want to accomplish in 2012."  

So far I have:
  •   Sew something for myself
  • Be able to turn one of my etsy shops into something sustainable and able to contribute to my family’s nest egg
  • Take a family trip out of this country
  • Find a fish I actually don’t mind eating and incorporate it into my diet
  • Reach my goal weight
  • Go on a hike, trails are plentiful here I have no excuse
  • Make time for a once/month date night
  • Get my daughter potty trained
  • Zipline
  • Archive my photos on CD’s
  • Have a family portrait taken
  • Take a pilates or barre class
I'd like to add 
  • canning (whether that be veggies or making jam.  I just want to learn to do it!)
These are on my list to get me started:


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