Week in Review

Having the kids home for so many days in a row threw off my entire week.  A snow day after a 3-day weekend felt like 10 days home with my family.  Feel free to take that in any context you like because there were moments that it was wonderful and moments that I wanted to run away.  With three kids 7yrs and under its bound to happen, right?

We missed Crash's swimming class on Wednesday because of all the slush on the ground.  It wasn't snowing but the it did look like someone emptied out the slurpee heaven on my street and i'm a big chicken at driving in anything besides a good day and a bad rainy day.  We stayed home all day and it was a loooooong day!  

Thursday we were back on track and same with Friday.  Crash is in a series of gym and tumbling classes and she just loves it so very much.  She's a crazy ass jumper and these classes are so exciting for her.  She is sticking her landing nearly every time, she's perfecting her forward tumbles down sloped mats and previously she swung from the bar with grace and speed but now she's learning a better grip and slowly combining it with flipping her entire body around.  It's pretty amazing!  If these three classes go well I may need to look into finding a more adventurous class that will turn out even more daredevil antics.

Saturday night we went to Pirate Palooza at our local community center (I feel like I need to compose an ode to the place because i'm always there!).  It was a big indoor pirate themed party for kids (and their parents!)  There was games, face painting, balloon art, cupcakes, dinner, inflatable obstacle course, a zillion toys and lots and lots of chaos!  It was crowded and it was offered to a broad range of ages, almost to broad if you asked me -ages 2-12.  As chaotic and mind numbing as it got at times all 3 of my kids had a hell of a time.  They ran around, screamed and yelled, got into balloon sword fights and generally went wild.  Many of my friends were there with their kids, we chatted when we could and it was a good time.  Not sure if I will proactively choose to do something like that again, maybe I will but right now I'd have to think about it.  It was an awesome way for the kids to enjoy themselves, play with friends and burn off the remaining energy of their day.  I thought they would have fallen asleep really quick when we got home but they didn't.  We watched Spy Kids 4 then sent them to bed!

On Sunday Crash and I dug out for most of the day to hang with my buddy Rachel and Crash's buddy G.  We live as far away possible within PDX and with everyone's life happening sometimes its tough to get together.  So we drove over to their place to hang out.  The little girls were so happy to see each other and so were the big girls.  We had lots to catch up on but a play date is not a play date with some noshing first!  We jetted over to the Pig N Pancake for some brunch and once done we were all ready for some serious hanging out.  It was a great day and a fantastic end to such a weird, off kilter week.  

I look forward to this new week but already we're starting it off with Big Red going through some major school aged teething.  He's 7.5-yr old but is now getting his 6-yr molars and he is suffering big time.  Fever.  Headache.  Major discomfort.  I feel bad and a little bit hopeless.  I give him OTC pain meds.  Hot water bottles to comfort him.  I let him rest where ever he wants.  But he's just miserable.  I feel like I should take him to the doctor but for what?  Teething?  What can they do for him except tell me how to make him relax with rest and pain meds?  My deductible sucks and and it would kill me to pay the office visit for info that I already know.  That sounds a bit selfish but its true!  The poor kid got very bad sleep last night due to all his pain so i'm keeping him home.  Hopefully everything is back on track tomorrow.

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