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  • Big Red seems to be doing well.  Yesterday he was nearly 100% his old self but with a nasty sounding cough which may be irritation in his throat.  I need to taper him off the vicodin today  because he needs to go to school tomorrow.  I think a week off is enough but as long as he's on the liquid crazy he can't go.  I'll be making an afternoon run down to the school to provide him with his antibiotics but that is no big deal.  He'll be happy to return tomorrow, I know he's getting bored at home.  When my son can't even sit still to watch TV its time!
  • Somewhere, somehow i've caught a cold!  It was bound to happen.  I've been healthy for far to long.  I've reached the point of total congestion with a post-nasal drip.  "Post Nasal Drip" the word just sounds lovely!?  Everything about it is gross and I don't want to talk about it lest I start obsessing on how I am feeling.
  • Mom is here on Wednesday night.  So looking forward to it.  It's been a long stretch since her last visit.  Dad will be arriving a week later and staying for about five days before they both leave together.  The day after they leave my mother-in-law arrives for a 10 day visit.  I worry slightly about this visit.  She doesn't seem to want to do anything except visit with the kids and has told me "don't worry about her," "no need for sightseeing," "just wanna see the kids." Problem is there are two days per week all three kiddos are in school/daycare and its just me at home. T isn't planning on taking time off as his vacation policy sucks and he hasn't accrued much time and I'd rather him save it for a good vacation with us.  So now what?  I've explained this to her and even offered to take her places.  I dont' really like to plan where my visitors go, I try to explain this to people visiting me.  Look the city up, look up what there is to do here or what types of things you want to do and then I can work with that.  Not everyone likes to be driven around from attraction to attraction, not everyone wants to go shopping, you get my drift.  Plus this is Portland, the city is not large, many sight seeing opportunities is out of the city and if its not necessary to drive an hour to show a waterfall I'd like to know it ahead of time.
  • I bought a beautiful swimsuit at Saks Fifth Ave years and years ago.  Maybe before Big Red was born and that was in Summer 04.  Honestly I can't believe I've had it for this long!  7-years.  Its in pretty good shape but lately, I assume from age and just plain use it is starting to die.  The fabric in the center is starting to look stretched and is wearing thin and you are now able to see streaks of the elastic/stretch through the black.  I'm still using it because I haven't yet come to terms with buying a new swimsuit.  I'm picky about it.  I need it to serve all purposes for me which isn't simply going swimming.  I take my daughter to swim class and she climbs all over me and I need one that won't easily fall off, ride up, squeezes me in at all the right places etc....  So i've been looking at swimsuits and HOLYMOTHEROFGOD when did suits get so expensive?  I can buy an awesome pair of shoes for the price of these things!  I digress, I'm not a fan of halter anything so that rules out a ton of suits.  I'm really digging this suit:
    DKNY Draped Ruffle One Shoulder One Piece Maillot-$112
    I can do with or without the ruffle detailing but it is cute.  I'll keep searching because i'm having a hard time swallowing the $112 price tag.  Maybe this is normal but i'll soon find out.  How hard is it to find one shoulder one piece swimsuit and hopefully as we come around the cold weather bend and people start preparing for summer (which seems eternities away) I'll have a larger selection to pool from.
  • Functioning on very little sleep coupled with a cold makes for very disjointed blogging, I know.  Sorry.

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