Snow Day 2012

Over the past couple of days we had a bit of snow excitement happening at our house.  Monday was the first day of snow.  It was more than a dusting and maybe accumulating up to an inch.  As soon as the snow started sticking Big Red & Donx immediately ran to their room and returning with their snow suits on and headed outside.
As you can see there wasn't enough accumulation to really "play" in the snow.  By playing I mean snowball fights, building snowmen etc....But my boys didn't care, the fact that the snow was actually sticking was enough for them.  They got to be outside, in snow, and that's all that mattered.  They've been waiting for this day since Thanksgiving!
I was just glad they were outside playing.  You'd think living in an area that for so many months we have cold, damp weather they'd be used to it.  Nope, they are not.  But a little bit of snow and they are happy to be out of the house!
Crash didn't listen to our warnings of it being cold outside.  Dressed in her tutu and being completely barefoot my little lady decided it was a good idea to check the temperature for herself.  She immediately ran in saying "my feet is cooooooold!"  To that, I muttered, "I told you so."
We got a little bit more snowfall after these photos were taken, some snow then melted in the next couple of hours and then we received a second wave of snow fall!

On Tuesday we woke to this:

The newly fallen snow was so beautiful and it was truly a winter wonderland.  I was surprised school wasn't closed, or at the very least delayed 2-hours.  The only change the school district made was putting the buses on their snow routes, which for us is kind of ridiculous because the stop is closer to school than our house.  I called my boys in, there was no safe way down our hill and I knew they'd enjoy the day at home with all the snow.

We spent a lot of time outside on Tuesday.  Lots of snowball fights, made a little snowman, did some sledding and took a walk through our neighborhood.
After breakfast they quickly dressed in their snow gear and were ready to play!
The boys went crazy with their snowball fighting.  I was not immune nor was their sister.  Much of my snowball beating was instigated by T, but it was all in great fun and turning the boys to gang up on their dad was not hard to do!
Why, yes, Big Red is wearing Nerf safety goggles!
Crash took her first sled ride and had a lot of fun!!!!

Later in the day we took a walk through our neighborhood.  It was extremely beautiful and extremely cold!
If this is the only snow of the season it's good.  We had a great couple of days, the boys got to play in the snow they've been waiting for since the holiday season ramped up.  Sometimes you forget how good hot chocolate and warm brownies taste after playing in the snow.  

I grew up in Hawaii so this was never a part of my childhood, so when we do have snow days like we've recently had its magical for me and living it and experiencing the fun and joy of it with my kids is something I indescribable and makes all those beamings of snowballs to the legs, head and butt that much more worth it!

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