New Boots: Bogs

The other day I posted about the incredibly comfy and warm coat I received for Christmas.  But I also received a pair of incredibly warm rain/snow/mud tolerant boot from my husband, T.

You see, on account of my suggestion my mom bought T a pair of the rain boots for his birthday in November.  I had read about these boots and had actually seen a few people around town wearing them.  The reviewed were fantastic and T needed some sort of weatherproof boot to wear.  So the lucky guy received a pair of Bogs from my parents.  He loved them A LOT!  

To say I was jealous was an understatement.  I had a pair of plain old rain boots that only kept your feet dry it did not keep them warm.  They were ugly but, eh, they were rain boots.  I have a couple of pair of Ugg boots which are totally old and falling apart but I still wear them when walking my boys to the school bus or running errands.  But T knew I was looking for something warm and weatherproof.

He loved his new boots so much that he surprised me with a pair of my own for Christmas.  My Bogs are black, totally comfortable and warmer then I imagined!  I have the mid height boot and have worn them on a few of our notoriously wet days and they do their job very well!  The boot upper is a very thick neoprene type fabric and the cold air and water does not penetrate through keeping your calves and shins dry and warm.  The boot itself is very flexible so there is no worry in feeling like you'll be marching along in the boot and instead you can go through your normal range of motion.
Although more rugged looking, these boots will surely replace my Ugg boots!
Yesterday I did some work in our front yard.  The air was cold and the ground was went and muddy.  Since I was dealing with a lot of dead, overgrown plants I knew the Bogs were the boots to wear.  My feet stayed extra toasty, the boots were extra grippy while I trampled through the slimey, slippery went plants and I was not afraid I would be slipping any time soon.  Normally I would use my old rain boots to do this job, and my toes would get cold but this did not happen.   I've had the boot for a week now and I know it will be a staple in my closet for years to come!

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