My Love/Hate Relationship With Craigslist

Craigslist......I can waste many a day away on Craigslist.  It always starts off so innocently, searching for something specific (like a "kid kraft play kitchen"), then I broaden the scope of the search a little more ("wood play kitchen"), then just a little more (play kitchen) and before I know it i'm searching for things I never meant to look for to begin with ("1975 Vespa Primavera").  Things I don't even need!  But I can't stop.  And it never fails.  

Craigslist is awesome.  I mean really you can find anything on Craigslist.  You can find FREE stuff on craigslist, if you need dirt, you can find a ton of people giving it away!  It's amazing, what you do with that dirt is your business, I don't need to know.  Did you know bartering is alive and well on Craigs?  Yep, you got a skill you can share and you need something, Barter! Post it who knows who and what will respond.  It's like, I can cut hair and I need my computer fixed...hmmmm??????  Perfect barter!  I have a friend who actually cashed in on one of those barter ads.  He was bored one night saw a guy who wanted a motorcycle but had no money but he did have a Land Rover he was willing to trade.  Well my friend had a motorcycle he didn't use and a Land Rover intrigued him.  He emailed the dude and badabing....that night he was down a motorcycle but had a fully working Land Rover!  AWESOME.

As a voyeur Craigs is awesome.  Go ahead and read "The Best of Craigslist" and see if you can stop.  Betcha can't.  Again, as a voyeur, its great.  It's a massive time suck but its fun.

Okay but what I hate about Craigs is selling.  Every time I sell something on Craigs it annoys the hell out of me, it always seems like its a waste of my time and I vow never to do it again.  But I do and the ugly cycle starts over again.  The interface to post to the classifieds is fine, easy to use and quick.  It's the users/buyers that are a pain.  I feel like the people who respond are just putting out feelers and more times then not they don't buy.  My experience has been getting a bunch of emails inquiring about a specific item i'm selling and i'll reply back.  I'm usually fair about it and respond in the order the email was received giving the first inquiry first dibs (i'd like to think all sellers do this).  Personally if a person can't come pick it up ASAP I honestly don't want to wait 2-3 or 4 days until it is convenient for their schedule.  If buyer number two however is able to get to my house in the next 2-3 hours then that's that.  Buyer 1 had the chance but due to their packed schedule they can't get it.  I'm selling said item (usually a child related item) and I want it out of my house as fast as possible!  Anyway these stupid scheduling games are a headache!  It's craiglist, people want ot get rid of stuff so if you want that amazing Mies Van De Rohe chair ant an eighth of the price you better get your cash and get your ass to that sellers house as quickly as possible.  This week I had two parties wanting to buy something.  I emailed buyer #1 and said its yours, come over and buy it!  Sure she says.  An hour or two later she emails me "sorry, i looked it up online and its more of a baby toy and my child is older." Uhm.....hmmm....okay, i posted the exact description from the manufacturers website into the ad.  Ugh!  As promised to the second buyer, "It's yours.  Buyer #1 changed their mind."  No response that day.  No response the next, nor the day after that...Finally 3-days later!  "Oh sorry.  I don't have the money, I spent it.  Maybe in two weeks, okay?"  Huh?  Okay?  No, not really "okay."  Ugh, I hate Craigs!  No, wait, I hate selling on Craigs.

Normally I consign everything  but once in a while I try to get bang for my buck and post it on Craigs.  But then to get full dollar I gotta deal with the above bullshit!  Catch 22!  So my stuffs on Craigs.  I have more to post, maybe i'll do it tomorrow or Thursday but I really hope I don't have to deal with any more crap!

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