Kid Time: Making Doughnuts

As i've mentioned in the past (here and here) my kids, especially Donx, loves doughnuts.  And, lo and behold Donx got his number one wished upon Christmas gift this year, a doughnut maker (along with a doughnut recipe book and a one box of doughnut mix).   Seriously is it doughnut or donut?  The latter seems lazy and purely phonetic.

Anyway a couple days after Christmas we decided to give his Babycakes doughnut maker a whirl.  Since this was the first time making it I went for ease and busted into the Babycakes mix Donx had also received.  Honestly it couldn't have been easier!

This mix couldn't have been easier and more perfect for trying the machine out.  Simply, empty the mix into a bowl and add eggs, milk and butter and mix.  Although Donx is totally proficient in baking this was an easy way to get started with the doughnut maker for him.......maybe a little to easy.  Next time we're making it from scratch.
Once the mix was at the right consistency (which by the way was a lot denser then a cake mix) we added the mix to a piping bag and piped in the dough in to the pre-heated and pre-sprayed with cooking spray, doughnut maker.  It took about three minutes to cook the doughnuts and we checked by using the included fork to ensure it was cooked through and to take the donuts out of the machine.  Donx left this part to me he didn't was  bit precarious about piping the mix into each little mold and was afraid he'd most likely burn himself.
While the doughnuts were still warm, not hot but warm, we dunked one side in a bowl of 1/3c of melted butter and then into a bowl of the cinnamon sugar topping then placed it on a cooling rack

The mix made about 2 dozen doughnuts and each doughnut was topped with the yummy cinnamon sugar topping.  It didn't take to long to cool and when we had all 2 dozen lined up on the counter it was hard to wait.

Of course, Donx got the first bite.  He was excited and could not believe how quick and easy it was to make his own doughnuts.  He enjoyed that he got the first pick and was surprised at how delicious it turned out.  He scarfed a couple of doughnuts that night and eagerly flipped through his cookbook for even more ideas.  Personally, I'd like to make a maple bacon doughnut and I believe his choice is a chocolate glazed doughnut.  I'm not going to complain I'd be just as happy with his choice and i'm sure he would feel the same about mine.

All in all, if you have kids that like to help out in the kitchen this is a great tool.  It's super easy  allowing your child to do a majority of the mixing (and piping in of the dough if they are older and have control of their motions) but the sense of accomplishment they feel when that first batch is completed is so fun to witness.  My son loves this little doughnut maker and can't wait to make more!

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  1. I got the babycakes cake pop maker...I plan on making some doughtnut holes with it with the kids this weekend!