Funny Stuff: Portlandia Clip

Did you watch the Season 2 premiere of Portlandia?  I hope so because this show is so damn funny.  If you watch it and you don't live here in Portland do you get the humor?  I wonder that a lot, if some of these skits translate in areas where some of these things aren't even an issue.  Like I wonder if my family and friends in Hawaii get some of this humor, the people and trends they poke fun at.

Anyway, the premiere was hilarious.  One skit that really made me laugh was the "Helicopter Parent" skit.  Oh My God!  Did they really just show this?  Why yes, yes they did!!!!!  I know people like this!  I totally do.  We watched, we laughed and almost cried, T and I looked at each other and blurted out, "Holy Shit its xxxxxxx!"  People, parent how ever you like but ultimately please allow your child to grow up and be their own person and don't take things personally and blame yourself for their failures.  And Parent's, please, as your child grows up, you do to and become your own adult, okay?

If you haven't seen the skit watch it here:

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