Food: Crustless Quiche

About three months ago I vowed to stop making separate meals for the kids.  My oldest, Big Red, is open minded to trying new things and for the most part will eat nearly anything.  The middle, Donx, is stuck in a food rut and eats what I find to be beloved by most young kids:  mac & cheese, pizza, grilled chesse, basic pasta etc... The baby, Crash, usually eats or at leasts tastes everything in front of her.  As you can see the child we were making separate meals for was Donx.  What we were doing, and I wish I never ventured down this path, was making Donx a separate meal and if either of the kids wanted that instead I'd make it for them as well.  But I became fed up.  It was taking extra time and causing Donx to become very resistent to trying new things.

Off the with the old, is the saying....and now with the exception of very few meals, I make one dinner and one dinner only and the kids have the choice to eat or basically be S.O.L. because no second dinner is prepared.  I consciously think of meals I can make that we can all enjoy.

Let me preface the following information that i'm just a mom who enjoys cooking and baking.  I'm so not fancy about it but I do my best to make things that are yummy, fun, interesting using quality ingredients and most importantly is easy on my wallet!

The other night I made a crustless quiche for dinner.  I've made this once before and my kids enjoyed it.

What you'll need (I usually gage increments of ingredients on flavors I like so please roll with it):
9" pie pan
olive oil
1 small-medium onion
3 slices of thick, applewood smoked bacon
small bag of spinach
5 eggs
3 cups of cheese (use what you have, I like monterey jack but I only had cheddar on hand)

First pre-heat oven to 325 degrees.
While the oven is warming and a tablespoon of olive oil into a hot skillet, add diced onions and bacon which as been sliced into little stripes.

While the onions and bacon are frying up, chop the spinach. 
Once the onions are soft and the bacon is mostly fried add the chopped spinach to the pan and cook until the spinach wilts up a bit.  When its all fried up, remove from heat and set aside.

If you're not using pre-grated cheese go ahead and grate your cheese.  I grated mine in the food processor, which I've never bothered with before.  Had I realized how quick and easy it was I would have using this method from the get go!  Once grated set aside.

Crack your 5 eggs into a large mixing bowl and whisk. 
Add the cheese to the whisked aggs and mix.  Add salt and pepper to taste.  

Next add the onion, bacon, spinach mixture to the eggs & cheese. Continue to mix so everything is combined really well.

Add the contents of the bowl to a 9" pie pan that has been sprayed with non-stick spray.  Then, pop it in your pre-heated oven for 30 minutes - eggs will be set and firm when its complete.

Notice how the egg is nice and firm.  Slice and serve.  The kids love this meal.  They refer to it as the egg pie, which I guess is kind of is.  We served this with a nice, fresh fruit salad on the side and the kids gobbled it up!

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  1. This looks delicious! Going to try it for dinner tomorrow night! Thanks for the instructions & recipe!