A Few Things...

I have pre-meditated this post and I apologize that it will be one that is so random and irreverent but sometimes it's just how things go.
  • The other night we were at the pool and we normally go into a family bathroom since its easier with three kids.  Donx found one that had the "vacant" sign on the lock and opened it up.  I was immediately behind him and when that door swung open we saw an overweight woman, standing in the shower stripping off her swimsuit and OMG did we get a view of her ass!  She screamed.  I screamed and Brody let go of the door and immediately ran into the other "vacant" room.  He laughed and laughed and proceded to inform T and I how stupid that woman was for not locking the door.  For me, I now have the image of that woman's giant, dimpled ass in my mind! Fuuuuucccckkkk
  • Night swimming as a family is awesome!  The pool is indoors in a beautifully heated atrium type of enclosure.  I feel lucky to have it at my disposal.
  • I have noticed a few things at the gym: 1) There are a few older gentlemen that work out in an old tee, pleated khakis, a belt and orthopedic tennis shoes.  I'm glad they are staying healthy but someone needs to tell them to at least invest in some sweat pants because khakis and a belt cannot be comfortable while doing crunches on a weighted crunch machine. 2) I've seen more visible panty line faux paus at the gym then I need to in my entire life.  Ladies, if you're going to wear shiny, skin tight work out pants, please invest in some correct underwear.  Wearing a hip height, to tight thong is not flattering I can see your above hip thong waist band muffin top and its not flattering, especially when there is shiny spandex over it! 3)Do people with bad BO not know they have bad BO?  And why is it that these are the people that like to do all the funky, stink wafting stretches?
  • My daughter now mimics  my verbal expressions....only the bad ones!
  • I want this skirt, and I just now noticed its on sale!
  • Super excited that i'll be seeing Die Antwoord next month!!!!  T bought the tix for my birthday
  • Crash has officially moved to the toddler class at her daycare and I have simultaneously reduced her days.  She is now attending 2x/week and spending 3 days with me going to classes or lessons or playdates or hanging at home forcing me to have tea parties and rocking her babies (all named Lily) to sleep.
  • I've been digging the maxi dress lately.  Ive had a couple of black ones for years and they are so comfy but recently I've found them to be making heavy rotations in my wardrobe.  I never thought I'd love them so much but damn they are comfy and so damn versatile.  Since mine are more springy, as springy as black can get anyway, I've been layering them for the cooler weather.  Fitted sweaters giving the illusion of a maxi skirt, with topped with a vintage lather jacket i picked up at a Parisian flea market years ago.  It's a amazing how much Im loving this look!  i'll have to post pics.
  • I can never seem to have enough black boots.  Every season I want a new pair, I probably don't need them, I can find a way to justify them but still, I don't need them.  Luckily i don't always indulge.  I have some great one snow with histories of major longevity.  As i've gotten older I've started to shift my mind set over to quality and longevity when investing in something pricey rather than being flippant and totally self-indulgent but black boots well forever tug on my heartstrings!
I could make this list go on and on but I won't.  

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