Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was COLD.  Super cold.  It hovered in the low 30s, remained foggy and frosty.  Saturday morning, if you quickly looked out the window you would think it had snowed but it didn't it was just that much frost!  Roof tops were white and it looked like an accumulation of the white stuff, trees were white, my yard had a thin layer of white.  It was nuts, the kids go super excited thinking it snowed and then the realized, "holy cow, that giant pine tree is FROZEN!  So frozen all the pine needles are white."  It was great seeing winter but this frost and cold is such a total tease.  It made us all yearn for the soft, white stuff....which we haven't gotten yet.

Anyway, Crash is still sick.  As much as I wanted to go to the waterfront in the freezing cold (I thought it would be beautiful all frosty and would make for a fabulous photo op) I knew it wasn't going to happen.  I need Crash's cold to go away already.  Besides museums there aren't a ton of, family friendly, indoor activities in Portland (or at least I don't think so).  Due to a lack of original thought combined with a need to get the hell out of the house for a little bit we went to the mall!  T and I made a pact, if we couldn't find parking within' five minutes we were outta there.  Of course that sealed our fate and no less than 30 seconds from turning into the lot a car was pulling out making room for us to park.  *queue the choir*

We unloaded andrushed in as fast as possible  buuuurrrrrrrrr..........

It was funny that we went to the Mall we had no intention to buy anything (our xmas is shopping is done) nor were the kids dressed to take pics with the fat guy in the red suit - which would have at least allowed us to accomplish something.  We browsed a bit, sales were lame but I made mental note of the stores I'd like to go back to once xmas is over and the real sales begin, the boys had the best time in Game Stop to test drive video games as well as in the LEGO store where they could check out all the new sets.  Okay can we talk about LEGO for a sec.  My kids love it, what kid doesn't right? I don't know how it is at your mall but the few LEGO stores I've been to here in PDX, HI and CA have all been on the small to small/med size.  Normally not a big deal cause its never to crowded.  But on Saturday that store was packed!  I couldn't even go in with Crash being in a stroller, it was that bad.  The line to pay was nearly out the door and there were only two cashiers!  Are other stores this crazy at Christmas, with only 2 cashiers?  There were lots of employees standing around, waiting to assist people but nobody needed assistance other than paying.  Some customers had big boxes piled 5-6 high in their arms.  It seemed to me that for the holidays the LEGO employees needed to have those little handheld, calculator looking, instant check out machines like at the Apple store.  Customers could ring up quickly and i'm sure they would have gotten more customers in the store because they weren't being deterred by shopping when seeing that evil line.

Anyway, we browsed around for about an hour and a half before Crash started her colossal melt down.  The girl was hungry for lunch and needed food NOW! we made our way out, decided on going to Sonic for ease of feeding the kids even though T and I both frown  at their food.  But 2 minutes into driving Crash, crashed out and we went home to feed the boys.  Whew, bullet dodged.

Sunday, we had plans to go to the Portland Bazaar.  I had been looking forward to it for weeks and Donx had a birthday party to attend so it would only be 2 out of 3 kids with us, which is pretty much a cake walk.  In our usual last minute fashion we still hadn't bought a birthday gift.  We went to Michaels, bought to gifts (one for a party next week), oooohed and ahhhhed over all the amazing sales going on as well as gawking at their awesome Hanukkah selection (note to self, must go back and buy baby hanukkah socks!)  Once we dropped Donx off we had every intention of heading to NE to attend Portland Bazaar but the hunger washed over us all and we needed to make sure we avoided another hungry baby meltdown.  Bazaar scraped and on to plan b= Korean BBQ.  Donx is not a fan but Donx wasn't with us.  Off we went to one of our fave places New Seoul Garden.  Normally with the kids in tow we DO NOT opt for the cook at your table option because, two loco boys and fire...not so good.  But we were feeling brave since we only had 2/3's of the brood.  It went fine, we ate like kings and before we knew it we had to pick up Donx!  Damn time flies.

The rest of the day was spent at home because we had a myriad of things to do including myself, I still have to finish two custom orders and i'm only half way done with one.  although the weekend was chill the consensus in my house is that would have loved some snow to go with the cold and frost.

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