Sewing Organization from Storables - Part 1

My sewing tools, fabrics, notions etc were starting to look crazy messy.  Things were thrown in containers with no rhyme or reason.  There was no organization.  You'd think I would be able to keep threads with threads and maybe zippers and buttons all together.  At one point it was that way but then as I used items and left them about I got lazy and just started piling things into whatever container was most handy to me at that moment, or wasn't crowded with other things or if I had a bunch of stuff to put away and a majority of them were going in the same bin then I would just dump everything into that bin.  

It got to the point that I was lucky if I could find 3 things I needed for any given project.  To make matters worse, my mom came for a visit and brought all her left over sewing notions, fabrics and tools.  I already, didn't have enough room for my own things what was I going to do with the items she was bringing over.  I was intimidated with the bag of goodies she brought over.  So much so that for over a month I left everything in the giant, travel duffle bag she packed it in.  Rather than sorting, haphazardly, I just dug through the bag whenever I needed something or wanted to look at the fabrics enclosed.  When I found what I was looking for I just stuffed everything back in, worse then the time before!  Yeah, I know, bad, bad, bad.
Then one day I couldn't take it anymore and I had to get my act together and ORGANIZE.

Step 1

  • Sorting & purging notions
  • organizing

Step 2

  • Sorting Fabrics & scraps
  • storage
Step 3
  • Creating my sewing space
Let's tackle Step 1!

The sorting and purging was the easy part.  I actually enjoy that part, a lot, its easy for me since I don't easily attach myself to my stuff.  I had so many things that needed to go, like bobbins that don't fit my new sewing machine.  Anyway once I got the pile-o-stuff down I headed to the one place I knew I could find some killer organization thangs....Storables.  Here in Portland we have a few of them, I went to the one in Pearl since its closest to my home.

One of the items I needed was a container to hold all the threads for my serger.  These threads are a about 4 inches tall and a sort of cone shape, no easy feat to find something to hold these oddly shapen items.  Storables did not disappoint.  

"DVD Storage Box" used for Serger Thread ONLY $5.95

I also picked up a box to hold my various notions.  These were originally thrown about and stuffed into any old container I could find.  I sorted out my notions by type and used Ziplock sandwich bags to group similar items.  I didn't want to buy a bunch of small containers to store them, since that would defeat the purpose.  Luckily I found this fantastic stackable double bin by Snapware.  There are two well sized compartments that spans one on top of the other and has a convenient handle so you can tote them around, easily.
Roomy, space saving bin from Storable $7.95

One of the last storage bins I needed was for my essential items, like, scissors, rotary cutter, pins, measuring tape etc.  I needed to be able to transport it easily, to lock and to have a few smaller compartments to keep smaller items tangled free.  Again, Storable did not disappoint.  They had a fantastic, translucent toolbox that was exactly what I was looking for.  I like that the box is clear and i'm easily able to identify if the tool I need is still in the box or if I took it out and let it on my cutting table.

Medium Toolbox from Storables only $7.95

Storables is one of those stores that you go into to find items you need and find items you didn't know you needed.  The organizing possibilities are endless and I feel like I need to go back, there are so many things I can use and so many items I can't figure out how I lived without.  If you're in Portland like me then you can find a Storables in The Pearl and in Tigard (new Washington Square Mall) and while I was in the store I noticed a great deal offered to our fine educators,  teachers receive 20% off their purchases!!!!!!  That is so awesome because being a volunteer in my kids classrooms I've seen first hand how a store like Storables can be extra helpful.

You can find Storables in The Pearl at:
105 NW 13th Ave.
Portland, OR 97209
Phone: 503.221.4500

And in Tigard at:
9140 SW Hall Blvd. at Greenburg Rd.
Tigard, OR 97223
Phone: 503.624.9500

Or Online at:

Stay tuned for Installment 2 of my Sewing organization bonanza

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