Play Date: Out of This World

The highlight of my week was definitely Crash turning 2 years old!
When we brought the cake out she excitedly yelled "HAPPY TIME!!!!"

Making her wish
There's a pizza place/indoor play park out in Hillsboro called Out of this World  Think Chuck E. Cheese minus the singing rat and sub play structures for video games.  I've only ever been there at dinner, on a weekend, and for birthday parties.  And it sucks!!!!!  It's so crowded, no wait, its madness.  You quickly and easily lose your kid, there is no age cap on kids who can play so you have babies up to young teenagers.  It's one of those places that maybe a soccer team will come in at the end of season to celebrate.  Kids are running amuck, parent's are not paying attention to their kids, big asshole kids are shoving smaller, younger kids and god forbid you have an adventurous toddler who wants to leave (the unsecured) 5 and under area and head for the ginormous play structure.  Your poor child will likely be trampled.  No matter how fiercely you watch that toddler there is always the older kid who can give a fuck about your kid and not think twice about shoving them out of their way and in some cases literally climb over them.  WTF?  So yeah, this place gives me a colossal headache and I try to avoid it as much as I can.
(On a separate note, I see 14 year olds going ape shit on the giant structure.  Is this fun for a teenager?  I mean when I was 14 I was to busy hanging out and crushing on boys, sneaking  alcohol and other things I won't talk about and incriminate my juvenile self)

Okay fast forward to yesterday.  I had a play date for Crash & I today and I got a text from my buddy A.H. about changing our whereabouts from OMSI to OOTW.  OMG....tingles shot up my spine and a feeling of dread washed over my body.  I quickly hopped online to come up with an alternative plan and then called her.  She calmed my nerves, explained that a weekday early afternoon is nothing like a weekend or vacation day visit.  Since it was half off entry and they have a fantastic lunch special I said we'd give it a shot.  

We headed straight over after dance class, the parking lot was nearly empty, something I am not accustomed to, so needless to say I was floored by how empty it was when we got in.  No big kids, hardly any kids at all really.  Crash immediately dropped my hand and went running to the pit of plasma cars.  Seriously I had to run after her to remove her shoes and big coat.  So far so good she hadn't noticed the giant, mind numbing climbing structure, I was dreading having to climb in and its usually T who goes in and chases the kids down not me.  OMG my little hellion was having such a good time, playing in the 5 and under bouncer/slide whatchamacallit, the small kid climbing play structure and slides, the various play houses and play kitchens .  But then she sees it.  Fuuuuuucccccckkkkkk!!!!!  I cannot stop her and she runs in and starts climbing.  Yep im in the giant structure, over and over.  Okay, okay I had fun with her, climbing and sliding.  I would totally do it again.

So I retract my hate for this place under 1 condition I don't ever have to go there for a weekend bday party, weekend dinner or lunch, or a weekday during school vacation.  I'll be limiting  my visits to weekday afternoons while school is in session.

If you're in the Portland area and you haven't been to Out of this World its worth a visit if you have kids between 2-8 (10 max, any older and its just weird because a 12, 13,14 year old should have better things to do then climb in these things).  Between now and 12/16 admission is 50% (we paid $2.50 for Crash who is 2 years old)

Out of this world is located at:
6255 NW Century Blvd 
Hillsboro, OR 97124

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