New Coat: K-Way

This year I really wanted a new coat, preferably something waterproof or water resistent.  I have a very warm coat from my years living in Chicago but its wool and not so good for wet/damp weather.  For the past few winters I've been wearing a not so warm peacoat or a Columbia Titanium windbreaker type jacket.  It's nice and sleek, protects against the wind and rain but there's no hood and its not as warm as I'd like it to be. Or if it wasn't to cold and just wet I had a nice belted trench-raincoat but it did not have a hood and the silver toned buttons made me feel a little gross and cheap - but it did its job.

My mother offered to buy me a coat for winter and it took me a long time to find something I really liked.  I was looking for minimal (no extraneous ruffles, buttons, toggles, belts or any type of embellishment), a hood, warmth and most importantly protect against rain/slush/sleet...

After a couple of months I found something I really liked and was even more pleasantly surprised when it arrived in the mail (to be honest, it was mail ordered and I didn't even open the packing box until Christmas).  

I chose out a K-Way Quilted, hooded coat.  And it is awesome!  I was never one for quilted coats because they reminded me of old ladies but the quilting on this jacket is plain old squares and the jacket is so streamlined and minimal that its really nice. 
As you can see its a nice length and i'm only 5'3" so it hits me mid-thigh.  The jacket is not to puffy, I mean who wants to wear extra bulk?  Here's the details:
A slightly fitted shape with longer back hem creates flattering lines for a hooded cold-weather coat. A wind- and water-resistant shell enhances the weather protection.
  • Front zip closure.
  • Front pockets with hidden-snap closure; two interior zip pockets.
  • Elastic-toggle hood.
  • Elasticized cuffs.
  • Approx. length from shoulder: front 31"; back 35".
  • Fully lined, with polyester fill.
  • Nylon; machine wash.
  • By K-way; imported.
The coat is reversible with a smooth side that is waterproof with all zippers (including zipped pockets on the raincoat side) are heat-sealed thus shutting out all water.  The coat is amazingly lightweight and so warm and toasty!  I've had the pleasure of wearing it quilted side out on regular cold days and raincoat side out on our lovely rainy wet days here in Portland.  There is an invisible elastic cuff that is soft and clingy on the wrist keeping all cold out, the hood is roomy with elastic toggles to tighten it around your face/head to keep out the chill.  I honestly don't know how i've lived without this jacket and am surprised I don't see people wearing it around the city.  I was stoked that when I found it online it was 50% off and it still is at Nordstrom.

I didn't know much about K-Way before I received this coat but I love it so much I looked it up online; from the Kappastore.com site:
K-Way® is the waterproof jacket par excellence: classic, modern, technologic, functional and coloured. K-Way® collections include historic jackets with heat-sealed zip, that can be folded in a small bag and are made of waterproof, windproof, warm and breathable materials, as well as fashionable clothing and accessories, which feature the same characteristics of practicality and functionality. 

The history – The K-Way® brand was created in Paris in 1965. On a rainy day, clothes retailer Léon-Claude Duhamel observed as people rushed by in soaking wet clothes, with uncomfortable umbrellas in their hands. And he had an insight: creating a waterproof object that could be carried all times, but which was neither an umbrella nor a raincoat. Therefore a revolutionary jacket was born: lightweight, comfortable and completely waterproof, that could be folded in a small hip bag. This product was soon launched on the market and proved to be successful from the beginning: the first year, 250,000 pieces were sold. In 1970s many partnerships between K-Way® and various ski teams took place. In 1990 the brand was purchased by Superga and in 1993 it was transferred to So.PA.F. merchant bank. In 1999 it was acquired by Milan-based Multimoda Network. In February 2004 K-Way® was included in the BasicNet Group’s brand portfolio. K-Way® has reached such a popularity that today can be defined as one of the few very well-known and legally recognised brands, included as an entry in the Italian dictionary.
Gilt recently had a sale for K-Way jackets for kids, I tweeted about it.  My boys have similar jackets but they aren't k-way but they are super lightweight hoodies, totally warm and can be balled up and placed in its own little pouch like the K-Way.

If you are in the market for a weather/water resistent coat, I highly recommend you check this out.  I'm loving owning this coat so much, i've worn it everyday and maybe now I can get rid of all the crap and unnecessary coats in my closet.  Enjoy!

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