I spent a majority downstairs today, stowed away in the laundry room & sewing room.  I had to finish up two more christmas gifts that needed to be shipped off to Hawaii and I needed to get started on two custom orders that came in via Mini Mob
My typical game plan, when I'm going to be cutting and sewing most of the day is to bring down the iPad and stream movies on Netflix.  I've been on a Glee kick most recently but I needed a rest.  I wanted to watch a movie, not a tv show.  I had Limitless in my Instant Queue and figured now's a good a time as any.

OMFG, I loved it!  I was captivated and excited and I would totally watch it again and again.  It reminded me of Fight Club, you know, with that first person POV narration. I didn't know much about this movie, does anyone know if it was a book first?  Whatever the case I totally recommend it.  Here's the plot, via Wikipedia.  Go see it!  If you have streaming Netflix you have no excuse its in there.

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