Kid Time - Pendelton Park

It was just me and the tres kiddos on Saturday since my husband had to go into work.  I've learned from past experiences not to stay home all day because the kids don't burn off energy and the boys end up arguing 99% of the day.  For it being December in Portland it was unseasonably and beautifully sunny and temps were in the low 40s.  Maybe for some that is still crazy cold but the temps coupled with the summer like sun made it feel warmer.  Anyway, it was mild out and I decided we would go to the park because who know how many more days like this we would actually have.

I decided to take the kids to Pendleton Park, which is located in the Hayhurst neighborhood of SW Portland.  This isn't the closest park to my house, I actually pass about three other parks before reaching this one, but the kids really like this one.  Street parking is plentiful and there is a play structure and lots of green space for running.

The play area isn't large but its enough to keep the kids happy and playing.  There is an asphalt pathway that runs along the edge of the play area and is perfect for riding a bike or scooter.  Off past the play area is a spot to play basket ball and an area to practice your tennis/racquet ball/lacrosse arm.  Off to the right of the field is a large grassy area for soccer, football, baseball, running around, or if you take your dog with you many people use the space throw balls for their dogs (just please clean up after them because there is nothing worse then playing in that field and stepping into dog shit!)  Out at the far end of the green space are loads and loads of giant blueberry bushes.  We enjoy coming here in the summer and picking the scrumptious berries - we're not the only ones doing this because there are days that there are just a ton of kids standing at the bushes picking and quickly stuffing their faces.

You see this merry-go-round?  This is the main reason Big Red enjoys this park so much. I honestly thought these things were banned from public parks, kids were flying off, breaking bones, getting dragged underneath...???  I think they were in Hawaii but then its maybe a Hawaii thing.  Whenever I have to push this thing, I can never push them fast enough or if I decide to run around and pull it I end up getting so dizzy and so barfy the i'm no fun.  On this day, you know because it was in the 40s (and sunny!) the metal was still very, very cold.  The kids did not want to hold on yet I made them figure out a way to which they decided was keeping their hands in the jacket sleeves and holding on through the sleeve.  I had to do the same thing to push them and of course, I did not push them fast enough!  I can't win!!

Crash loves herself some swings!  She has recently taken to riding the "big kid" swings that she sees her brothers ride.  She's quite the confident little girl!  Like her brothers she likes to go fast and in the kiddie swing I have no problem pushing her very fast and very high, sometimes causing other parents to raise an eyebrow at me which to that I say Piss Off I know my kids limits!  Anyway, she gets in this swing, I push her much more cautiously all the while she is chanting "go fast, go fast, go fast."  I push her a teensy bit faster and its not enough.  Eventually she gives up and wants the kiddie swing so she can fly through the air.

Donx is not quite like his baby sis when it comes to the swings.  He has his limits and normally I push him to high and he freaks out.  He's the easy one, the other two like their swing rides to be kamikaze style.  I just need to get this guy working on pumping his legs when on the swing so I don't need to stand there and push him.

These guys didn't spend much time playing on the structure.  The metal felt like ice cubes and the slides were dotted with condensation.  Big Red and Crash rode the teeter-toter (or is it see saw?) together, Donx brought his Bakugan and had a good time spinning it on the path ways, the rode the merry go round and milled around the park as kids do.

Being winter in Portland, it was a gorgeous day.  Believe me it was!  The kids wore light layers and there was zero complaints about it being cold.  With all the leaves on the ground and the sun shining so brightly it looked like early fall and we all enjoyed ourselves and soaked up as much as the sun as we could.  The kids really enjoyed being outside and stretching their legs and being together at the park.  Having the three kids all to myself on a weekend is super rare, actually this may be the first time.  Normally i'm not brave enough to take all three of them to a park because most of the time they have their own agenda and are off in three separate directions but that did not happen on this day.  I had fun with them, I brought my Kindle and I didn't even take it out of my bag instead, like my kids, I just enjoyed the park.

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