Kid Time - Gingerbread Men

Yesterday the boys decorated gingerbread men.  Normally I would bake the cookies but Michaels had these Wilton kits on sale so I snatched one up thinking it would be a fun activity  to work on while on winter break.  

I made sure to throw a festive, vinyl tablecloth on the table (I'm all into the boys having fun but I need to protect our white table!) set up all the supplies, lined some cookie sheets with parchment adn then I watched the boys go to town and they had a blast!

Now who's coming over to eat these?  

The boys had just as much fun as when they make the gingerbread houses but with much less frustration, so this activity is such a keeper for next year and I'm sure the kits go on sale on Tuesday so i'm snatching more up.  Normally I'd like to bake the cookies and go the whole nine yards but they boys don't always have patience for that and these kits came with 8 pre-baked gingerbread cookies so this was perfect! Set up was super quick the only "time consuming" part was making the icing.  The kit comes with an icing mix that you'll need to add butter and milk to and then blend with an electric mixer, but really that takes no more then five minutes.  I had some extra sprinkles and glitter icing that I also brought out for the boys to use.

Kit included
8 gingerbread men
red fondant
green fondant
icing mix
multi-colored candy balls
candied presents 
icing bag & tip

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