Field Trip: Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum

Last Saturday we packed the kids up and headed to Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum in McMinnville.   Our oldest, Big Red, has been asking to go for weeks so needless to say he was super stoked.  We go there a lot and it took us about 5-6 visits to finally get membership - and at about $50/visit for the family membership was worth it.  I think we paid $145 for Patron level membership.

Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum is about an hour out of Portland - and totally worth the drive.  You go through some small not so pretty towns immediately near Portland but once you get to the half way point you hit wine country and some pretty spectacular small quaint towns with great little shops and lots of wineries and tasting rooms, most notably Newberg, Or.

Evergreen (i'm to lazy to keep typing out the entire name) is probably the best museum in the Portland vicinity.  We typically spend no less than 4 hours there per visit and that's not even counting going to the IMAX theater or the water park.  Yes, there is a waterpark with a giant 747 perched on top of the building with water slides coming out of it and into the building!  

Bid Red and Donx love this place, and really, I think we go at least once/month; they just don't tire of it.  The Spruce Goose is permanently located in the aviation museum along with a fascinating collection of vintage planes.  My brother in law who lives in DC that this place really gives the Smithsonian a run for its money.  The space museum has rockets, satellites and a collection of helicopters, a couple of drones (!) and a Blackbird.  There's also an amazing playground, one of the best around here because its the only one I know of that does not have wood chips (grrrrr!!!!), they have ample outdoor and indoor seating for eating, a cafe and wine tasting because they have their own vineyards. 

Looking at the Spruce Goose from outside of the  museum

Crash playing on the catwalk of the space museum with decommissioned rockets in the background.
The crew and the SR-71 Blackbird.
One of Big Red's favorite things at the museum, a replica of Da Vinci's flying machine
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Super decked out vintage passenger plan.

Amazing Rocket.  This thing reaches the huge ceiling and is also buried 3-stories underground, which you can actually go down and check out.  See next pic.
3-Stories under the rocket.  This is the bottom floor, obviously.  The do a simulated launch every few minutes so it gets pretty loud.

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