Field Trip: Alpenrose Dairy- Chirstmas in Dairyville

Located about 2-3 miles away from our home is Alpenrose Dairy.  You can fine Alpenrose milk in nearly every grocery store in Oregon and it is located a stones throw away from us in Southwest Portland; and are nestled in a nice little residential area off of Shattuck.

I drive by Alpenrose maybe once every 10 days and have heard of all the different events they have on their property but always, kind of blew it off.  Last week I read in the paper they were brining back Christmas in Dairyville/Storybook Lane.  Best of all the price was FREE (we love that price!)  

I expected their may be crowds so we headed out soon after the opening time, pulled into the grounds and were pretty excited to see how green and how large it was.  The kids were excited as they get with all things Christmas and were antsy in general.  We got great parking and strolled over to the event.  We were totally blown away, there was a midget racing, racing track; velodrome (which was pretty awesome to see and I think they should have outdoor rollar derby in the summer!), baseball fields (home of the World Series of Little League softball); a fantastic western town (where the Christmas festivities were happening), a pond with tons of ducks who must be pampered and fed by all visitors because as people came in the ducks did not hesitate to swim on over.

We strolled into the Western town and Big Red was so excited and couldn't believe the old wagons and old timey buildings.  Many of the "storefronts" were decorated for the holidays and about half of the buildings were open to visitors.  The concession time was priced to be extremely wallet friendly with nothing over $2, the bakery was selling baked goods for 25-50 cents, milk and egg nog were flowing, the model train shops were open, running and extremely popular with the visitors.  The big guy was in town for photos and was housed in his own workshop with a very kid friendly waiting area filled with books and toys.  The old opera house was showing classic holiday movies for free and for us and our three amigos, Storybook Lane was a big hit.  It was dark and cavernous, filled with what looked like a hundred, huge flocked christmas trees, each display recreated a classic storybook with live animals provided by the Multnomah County 4h club.  Best of all it was set up petting zoo style so the kids had a blast petting all the cute little animals.

The entire time we were there that pace never got to crowded  and the kids were free to run around and be loud without bumping into or disturbing others.  It was a great way to spend a chili morning and it really made it feel like christmas is much closer than we even imagined.
The circus has arrived

The "school house"

Donx looks like a giant in Storybook Lane's General Store

Big Red checking out the displays in Storybook Lane

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