Donut (Cake)

The lure of the donut (or is it doughnut?) is strong in our house.  My kids actually prefer it over cake or cupcakes.  So much so that for both Big Red's birthday and Donx's birthday they requested, what we call, the donut cake.  No, not a cake shaped or dressed up as a donut but a cake constructed entirely out of donuts.

Big Red had it first and we played off the idea of his 6-year old birthday cake in which we dressed it up with Lego.  Allowing some Clone Troppers to co-mingle with some dinosaur skeletons.  This cake was a total hit.

Big Red's 6 year old cake (summer 2010).  We had originally ordered the cake with the the prehistoric theme and a day or two before the party I thought it would be pretty awesome to put some Lego on there.  And c'mon, when you think skeletal dinosaurs, Star Wars instantly comes to mind, right?  The kids loved this so much and many parent's thought the idea was genius.  But that was a year and a half ago.
Summer 2011 Big Red turned 7 and we needed to up the game.  Big Red wanted to do something similar but I told him we should think about what our options are.  My kids eat cake but they don't love cake and the thought of making a bunch of cupcakes did not appeal to me at all.  Then we thought of donuts.......oh donuts!!!!!   And for his birthday party we unveiled this little piece de resistance:
Not gonna lie, everyone including me loved this cake so much.  Everyone raved about how original this was.  The kids eyes were busting out of their heads.  It was colorful, spontaneous and just super fun!  I knew how much Big Red and his friends loved the lego on the cake last year so we definitely couldn't have a "cake" without lego on it.

This week Donx turned 6.  He's never had a birthday party before.  In previous years we would buy a cake, order some pizza,make goodie bags and take everything to school.  It was easier to do that in preschool since many of the kids lived scattered throughout PDX and the nearby 'burbs.   But now he was in elementary school, many kids lived in the 'hood and he has quickly made some good buddies whom he loves so, so much.  So this year he got his big party, a pool party to be exact.  Yes, a pool party in the winter and everyone loved it!

When it came time to discuss the cake he immediately said he didn't want a cake and that he didn't really love eating cake and wanted something else.  I asked if he had anything specific in mind and of course he knew what he wanted:  a donut cake.  Originally he wanted a donut cake with Lego like his big brothers but I explained that since it was his birthday lets do something a little different and lets think of what else he wanted besides Lego.  This was the hard part for him.  We came up with something that he loved, and its very historical!
Yes, we did, we went for a Civil War theme.  With Confederate & Union soldiers and canons!  Donx was so super excited about this theme and T  and I could not stop giggling.  It was unique, fun and ridiculous exactly like the child the "cake was" for.  T dubbed "The Battle of Donut Hill."  This cake did not disappoint.  Parents thought it was the funniest and most unique birthday cake they've seen in.....well, forever.   And the kids, oh the kids, they loved this thing so much it was awesome.  It made Donx so happy knowing his friends were ooooohhhhing and aaaaahhhhing over the creation we worked on.

The birthday boy was very happy with his creation!   and in the end that's all that really matters, right?

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