Christmas Day

Christmas Day - I hoped that the kids would at least stay in bed until the sun came up (this is typically around 7.30am here in PDX).  In the wee hours in the morning I heard the baby gate on the stairs open and I heard food steps in my room.  It was Big Red.  I sent him back to his room.  He did this two more times with the third time being the point at which he was telling me what Santa had left and rummaging through his stocking.  At this point I knew it was time to get up he was to excited.

I felt guilty making him wait but I wanted to draw out Christmas morning as long as possible.  With the sun, just appearing the horizon we woke Crash up and Skyped the grandparents (BTW:  Skype is so awesome!)

This is what the kids woke up to, gifts from Santa, the sun just peeking up over the horizon and a living room that won't stay that clean for much longer!We skyped my parents who hadn't slept since the day before, in fact they had just gotten home from a Christmas Eve party.  Even with the 2 hour time difference it was still the wee hours for them yet they wanted to watch the kids open gifts.
Crash & The Grandparents via Skype on Christmas Day!
Big Red and Donx & The Grandparents via Skype on Christmas Day
Someone got a Big Wheel from Santa.  To bad she can't quite reach the peddles!  No matter the girl still loves it.
My Donx loves to cook!  Especially deserts.  Two Christmas' ago he really, really wanted an Easy Bake Oven and he got one.  Although he still uses it he loves to cook and bake with me and use the real oven and stove.  He is proficient with the Kitchen Aid mixer and using our sweet stove top.  This year he wanted a doughnut maker desperately and lookey here!  If you didn't already know, the boy loves doughnuts.  He received this donut maker, a box of pre made mix and a doughnut cookbook (we're already planning on making some cinnamon sugar doughnuts this evening.)
Big Red had a couple of things high on his list of gifts a Razor Scooter (which Santa brought him) and an iPod.  Yes, he did get an iPod Nano but he also got these sweet Boba Fett headphones form Funko.  He's been using the headphones and iPod every day, he doesn't listen to music but audiobooks.  The boy loves books/stories whether by audiobook, reading to himself or being read to!

A Sled!  The boys have been waiting all year for a sled and for winter.  They were super stoked (it was from their sister *wink*)  although once unwrapped and the excited faded a little Donx blurted out, "awesome sled, to bad we have no snow"

The day was nice, lots of laying around the house, playing with new toys and just relaxing.  It was pretty apparent nobody wanted to put any effort into making dinner.  We got Crash down for a nap and plotted our dinner plans since we know choices were very, very slim considering it was Christmas.  Finally it was decided we were going to haul ass out to Spirit Mountain Casino and go to their buffet.  We've been wanting to check this place out because the prices were reasonable and who doesn't love a buffet?

From Portland it took just over an hour to get there, but considering it was Christmas there was no traffic, actually there were nearly no cars on the road for 90% of the drive out.  The lot was packed, damn that casino was gettin' a lot of action for the holiday!!!  We get in ask directions to the buffet and were told, with a slight giggle in the tone, that the end of the line was "right there."  Yeah, it was right at the entrance to the casino!   Hoooooly Shiiiit!  Whatever, we drove all the way out, so we took our place in line and waited.  So these buffet's have their system down to a tee.  The lined moved quickly and orderly - before we knew it we were next in queue to pay.  We had to pay the Christmas buffet price of $19.95 per adult, $3.50 for toddler (ages 3-5) and infants were free.  Yes, not gonna lie, I paid for two toddlers even though my kids are 6 and 7 (but donx turned 6, five days earlier so really there should some leeway here).  I believe the regular price for dinner is $14.95/adult and $2.50/toddler $6.50/child.  We were excited, the boys didn't eat much (yeah for the $3.50 price) T and I loaded up on the proteins we discussed our strategy on the drive out and Crash enjoyed lots of fruit and fish.  The selection was great:  steaks, prime rib, lots of seafood, lots of different types of poultry and prepared in so many ways, there were loads of sides: stuffings, different types of rice, potatos veg, salad bar, breads, a meat and cheese section and asian section, lox, and of course a fantastic desert area!  My kids had what we call in Hawaii a "kanak attack" it was so damn funny.  They kept going and going, it got to one point that Big Red couldn't even sit up, he took a bite out of an eclaire and started tipping over and custard was starting to drip out of his mouth.  I didn't know if I should laugh or help him.  It was a good night, even if we had to drive home more than an hour with completely full bellies it was worth it!

When my parent's come to visit we're totally going to go to this place.

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