Weekend Wrap Up

Friday night was the boy's school annual auction; this year was the 50th anniversary of the opening of the school.  Because it was a golden (?) anniversary everyone was encouraged to dress from the schools first year:  1961.  I liked this!  I'm all for theme anything.  If we can dress ourselves around any kind of theme i'm a happy camper!  Nearly everyone was decked out in some version of the late fifties through mid sixties and it was great.  T wore very skinny black pants with shiny black square toe shoes, dark green & black checked shirt, black skinny tie and a pull over sweater topped off with a teeny brimmed fedora - honestly this isn't much of a stretch from his attire when we go out for a nice dinner or something.  I wore a navy & cream striped dress from Asos, which was reminiscent of the period, black opaque tights, black booties, I brought a vintage black beaded cardi in case I got chili and a vintage leopard coat.  I thought we looked pretty classy and I was glad I didn't go for a LBD for the evening.  The evening was lots of fun with the big event being a live auction.  I didn't bid on any auction items but I did buy some tickets for various slot parties (which I need to put in my calendar asap).

Besides the party on Friday night we found a new babysitter and she's fantastic!!!!!!!!  After our last great sitter moved, unexpectedly to Australia we kind of hit a low.  We had a sitter but used her once.  She had a FT job and babysitting was a side thing and I don't know, we didn't really know her and she was a referral from our AU ex-pat sitter.  But now we have a  sitter AND a back up sitter!!!  Social life, couple life, adult life can resume again.  AMEN!  Both the sitter and back up sitter are teachers at Crash's school so we know they have the experience with small kids and with watching multiple kids at once.  Words cannot convey how excited T and I are with this new development.

Saturday we visited our old stomping grounds:  Olympia, WA.  T and I lived there for 3 years after high school so I could attend Evergreen State College.  I hated the school, dropped out, took a semester off then went to Community college for almost 2 years-but this is a story for another time.  We have membership to nearly every museum in PDX and are given reciprocal privileges and decided to use them this day.  So we took the kids to the Hands On Children's Museum (yes that is a terrible name for a kids museum!)  It wasn't free but it was 2 for 1 and the kids had a fantastic time and it didn't even feel like we were there for HOURS.  A friend of mine lives in Lacey, WA so we met up for a very late lunch at El Guanaco - T and I were crazy, starving for Mexican food and of course I used my trusty 'ol Yelp app which never steers me wrong!  It was damn good food and so awesome to see a familiar face.  We then headed to our car for our 2-hour drive home in the dark and pouring rain!  Blach!

Sunday was nothing special.  Hanging out around the house.  Disassembling one of the play structures (and BTW we didn't pay that price, we got it free from our neighbor) in the yard so we can clean it up and bring it in the house for the winter so the kids can play with it in their downstairs play room.  Yes, that's kind of weird but we have a ton of space downstairs and having some thing that will allow them to blow off steam indoors will be great when its overly wet and freezing outside.  Typically I avoid all errands on the weekends (grocery store, target, costco etc, etc, etc) but this day I had to go to costco and I really needed T because I knew there was a ton of stuff I would need to by and would need help.  So we loaded up the entire brood and braved Costco on a Sunday, which wasn't to horrific, I think the Costco's here in the Portland Metro area are wayyy tamer then any Costco in SoCal so we were okay with the amount of crowds.  The boys love Costco on the weekends because they can sample stuff on nearly every aisle.  But in typical weekend fashion Sunday was lazy, super lazy.

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