Volunteering Is It Really a SAHM Rite Of Passage?

Twice a month I volunteer in Donx's kindergarten classroom.  There are 26 kids in his class and I believe the teacher can use any extra hands she can get.  During the time I volunteer it is "literacy center" time, this translates to time when the teacher works with a small group of 4-5 students at a time and they work on reading.  She spends a few minutes with each group (short attention spans) and then rotates the students out.  While the students are NOT with the teacher they have 3-4 "jobs" to work on - these jobs are usually reading/letter sound type activities/worksheets.  They go over the jobs with the teacher ahead of time, i'm usually in class during this time so I know exactly what is expected of the students.  Anyway while the kids are working on their jobs I'm their to help them with anything they may need, to check their work and basically hold down the fort while the teacher does her thang.  There are two fo us in the classroom to look over the kids.  It's been an eye opener!
Some kids are great, they are focused, they've soaked up the instruction and power through their work with little assistance.  Then their are the kids that are also great but need a little bit of help but overall are on target with what they need to do.  Last are the kids that are just loud, don't pay attention and are total time sucks!  These kids rattle my nerves because i'm not their to be their private tutor.  I get it they need help and i'm willing to help but they expect me to be their, at their side walking them through every single problem on the page.  Maybe its laziness and they don't want to think for themselves but geesh.....do their parent's know how much trouble they are having?  I try not to hover over my own kid but I do check in with him and he's great.  He follows the directions, doesn't cause any distractions and power's through his work so he can have some free time.  It makes me proud to see him handle himself so well.  But enough about that.

So volunteering, is this what we do.  By we I mean mom's who have kids in school all day and we don't work.  Do we all do this?  It's new for me.  I decided to sign up because I knew there was a high enrollment rate in both my kid's grades and figured the teachers could use the extra hands.  I'm grateful for only signing up for twice per month because I don't think I could do this weekly.  It's only an hour at a time but it is mentally exhausting.  Big Red has been asking me to volunteer in his class; i signed up but haven't heard back.  There's a part of me that is glad the teacher didn't get back to me.  I don't think I could deal with that right now.  Maybe after the new year!

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